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  1. D

    ME/CFS... then Covid-19, then Long Covid

    My daughter was diagnosed with ME/CFS as a teenager. She spent several years mostly bedbound (dark room, headphones, etc) doing virtual school to the extent possible. She is now a young adult. She figured out how to have a job and go part time to college remote - has lived with it for many...
  2. nerd

    CNS-related crashes with dominant nausea

    I'm curious if any of you has the same manifestation of acute crashes as I have. Because in my case, the sequence is relatively consistent among all the incidents. Yesterday, I had another lukewarm bath. These baths happen to change something so that I wake up early and feel ready for the day...
  3. Waverunner

    Tingling hand and feet; worsening by folic acid and B12 supplements

    Hi all, had some strange issues for several weeks now. I suffer from pretty bad food intolerances that seem to evolve over time. Three to four weeks ago I started to have strong dizziness, tingling hand, and feet, increased fatigue, and nausea. These symptoms last for several days but get...
  4. Nanni

    Nausea, pain and spasms

    I’ve had these awful gastro attacks a number of times now. Once I had to call 911. Very painful and I’m very nauseous but I can’t vomit because I have gastroparesis. None of my tests show anything, of course. I have a new gastro doctor and he prescribed this anti spasmodic drug Dicyclomine...
  5. F

    Nausea, cold extremities, and peeing lots!

    I have relapsed recently and am currently experiencing usual fatigue etc, but also a storm of nasty neurological symptoms and I’m not sure what I can do to control them. the symptoms are: Nausea cold feet needing to urinate very frequently dizziness shaking hands tinnitus arm and leg muscle...