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  1. Cybergreen91

    Citizen Research Youtube Video

    Hi, My name is Scott and I've had ME/CFS for 6 years, but also have been a researcher in the field as well. I have leveraged my experience in research and conducted my own personal research on the subject for the past several years. Ive finally managed to scrape together the energy to explain...
  2. frozenborderline

    Seeds of some ideas: art and movies that relates to ME/CFS

  3. frozenborderline

    My grand theory of etiology part II

    I've posted my unifying theory of etiology before. But part II is not quite done yet, however it has a lot of the parts there, just not all there, and not assembled properly or in order, so I've decided to kick off working on assembling it by posting about it here. None of the parts by...
  4. frozenborderline

    A new discovery about ecological toxicity sheds light on the ME/CFS epidemic

  5. frozenborderline

    "helpless" an essay on severe ME/CFS, becoming an unwilling canary/seer/etc

  6. frozenborderline

    Open letter to the Open Medicine foundation

    Just the scant beginnings of a long-term advocacy project I'm working on Re environmental factors in this illness and having the omf address them. https://openletteropenmedicinefoundation.com