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muscle weakness

  1. ChookityPop

    Do you have muscle weakness? I think I have found a potential ME/CFS subset

    I have now tested positive for CN-1a which is mainly seen in Inclusion body myositis (IBM) patients over the age of 50 but also in other autoimmune diseases like LUPUS, Sjogrens and more. Due to the age of IBM onset this antibody is likely to be tested less frequently in younger patients. I...
  2. SWAlexander

    Vitamin D deficiency: Health Secretary launches review to increase intake of vital nutrient

    A lack of the vital vitamin is linked to rickets in children, and bone or muscle weakness among adults. A new review will focus on the importance of vitamin D and how to increase its intake - a lack of which can lead to rickets in children, and bone or muscle weakness among adults. Around one...
  3. nerd

    My Keto Experience

    I recently switched to a ketogenic diet and would like to share my experience and draw attention to some aspects that might not be common knowledge yet. I prepared myself for the ketogenic diet. I had MCT oil, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, and the right food available. I use Fora 6 and Ketonix for keto...
  4. ChookityPop

    If I use my muscles a tiny bit too much I get PEM.

    Its so weird. Last year my legs suddenly "stopped" working. I got crazy lactic acid buildup and lots of pain. Walking in general sucks, but stairs and walking downhill is a lot worse. In november I removed snow from my car and "destroyed" my arms and got crazy PEM afterwards. I bought this car...
  5. merylg

    Muscle Disease - early & later onset

    Really enjoyed watching this webinar where Dr Emily Oates talks about Titinopathy