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milk thistle

  1. W

    Very tired, depressed, weak and headaches after taking just 1 capsule of milk thistle

    I’m trying to detox my liver and am trying to take milk thistle. However, I experience these symptoms and they don’t subside until 3-4 days after I stop taking. I’ve read that they could be detox reactions and I went to look up how to reduce these symptoms while taking milk thistle and...
  2. GlassCannonLife

    Milk thistle alters thyroid hormone transport. (Thyroidpatients.ca, 2022)

    https://thyroidpatients.ca/2022/01/16/milk-thistle-thyroid-transport/ Very interesting new write up from the thyroidpatients.ca blog on milk thistle, namely silymarin and silychristin, and their sometimes dramatic effects on the hypothalamus-pituitary-thyroidal (HPT) axis.