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  1. LaurelW

    Advice for going off of low-dose naltrexone?

    I've been on LDN for longer than five years (not sure exactly) and am not sure if it's doing me any good. It's pricey, since my insurance doesn't pay for it. I want to try going off of it, but don't know if I need to taper or can just quit cold turkey. It took me a number of months to go on...
  2. SpinachHands

    Severe LDN side effects continuing even after stopping the medication?

    I need some urgent help and advice. I have spoken to 111 and a clinician is calling me back within a few hours but I'm not hopeful that they'll be knowledgeable enough to help. I will also call the prescriber when they open in 3 hours. My partner started on 0.1mg LDN 3 weeks ago, and increased...
  3. R

    Further scientific research on LDN

    I recently read an article on the Phoenix rising blog about the scientific research being done into the effectiveness of Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) as a treatment for M.E. I'm interested in learning more and am wondering if anyone can recommend any further information on it? I'm particularly...
  4. B

    Article Dr. Natalie Eaton-Fitch Discusses Repurposed Drugs and the Treatment of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME)

    Dr. Natalie Eaton-Fitch talks with us about low-dose naltrexone (LDN) and the search for a drug to treat myalgic encephalomyelitis. Image courtesy of Dr. Natalie Eaton-Fitch. By Bronc In the world we live in people are suffering from all kinds of illnesses, which require a variety of...
  5. overtheedge

    Low Dose Naltrexone is the treatment I hear the most positive stuff about among PWMEs. Need some questions answered by those who have used it

    i'd like to try some LDN but don't know where i should go for it My health is in a rather bad state lately so traveling to a doctor would be difficult. Has anyone here worked with an online doctor who can get them LDN anywhere in the USA? Also I'm reading about LDN in general online but if...
  6. hamsterman

    Dermorphin Experience - Very Impressive Results

    Dermorphin is an opioid found in the giant leaf frog's skin, and is one of the chemicals found in Amazonian practice of 'Kambo'. For more background, check the Kambo thread by @Hip in 2013...
  7. mitoMAN

    LDN - combined with other CFS treatments

    LDN and combination with other CFS treatments? I am curious to hear about possible combinations that are "safe" with Low Dosed Naltrexone. Given the option that LDN is tolerated well but not enough for relief. Most of the time I read about people combining it with anti virals. How about...
  8. tiredgirl928

    comparing LDN to oxymatrine

    Hi all! I have posted a few times about oxymatrine and LDN before. I trialed LDN and basically it pushed me from moderate CFS to severe CFS. For this reason, I am very nervous to try new treatments, especially since many things make us worse before we get better. I am afraid I just don't have it...
  9. PallasKat

    Side effects from Famciclovir ?

    Hello Everyone~ I haven't posted for a LONG TIME. I recently started on Famciclovir after finding out I that I have high levels of EBV. I have had ME/CFS/Fibro for approximately 10 years. I am taking 500 mg daily, it's been about 3 weeks. I am having trouble figuring out if these are actual...
  10. tiredgirl928

    mestinon vs LDN

    Hi all! I have just received prescriptions for mestinon and LDN (yay!!). Has anyone taken both of these medications? Should I start them at the same time or try one for a few months and then add the other? If I do that, which should I start with first? I would also appreciate any information...