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intracellular infection

  1. Hip

    The complosome is a newly-discovered intracellular part of the complement system. Could it play a role in ME/CFS?

    ME/CFS involves persistent intracellular viral infections, which the immune system does not seem to be able to clear. So logically, it's possible that there might be some defect or weakness in the intracellular immune response in ME/CFS patients, that prevents the immune system from eliminating...
  2. Notjustfatigue

    Crowfunding for a study about etiopathogenesis and try to set potencial biomarkers

    Dear mates, I want to inform about a crowfunding campaign for a study about etiopathogenesis of ME/CFS that could lead to set potencial biomarkers for the disease. The following is based in our mate @Manuel work...