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  1. SWAlexander

    Effects of COVID-19 and vaccination on the human immune system: cases of lymphopenia and autoimmunity

    SARS-CoV-2 infection and the antigenic challenge induced by vaccinations against this pathogen elicit a diverse immunological response in humans. A variable immune response is expected during infection, but the ability of SARS-CoV-2 to evade host immunity and induce a deleterious effect on...
  2. nerd

    Natural Immunity lasts longer than BioNTech vaccination immunity of less than 5 months

    This has been asked in other posts because users were uncertain whether and when to get vaccinated after a natural infection. The newest data from Israel shows good and long protection from natural immunity, and also when the third shot will be necessary for the BioNTech vaccine, i.e. after 4-5...
  3. uglevod

    Lactoferrin seems to be capable of restoring suppressed immune functionality

    Interesting research explaining why some CFS(and other chronic diseases) sufferers have their symptoms changed(to worse or better) with Lactoferrin. In a few words: Lactoferrin is capable of upregulating suppressed immune system in the context of infection/toxins. Below it was used in the model...
  4. ZeroGravitas

    Overlap between ME/CFS and Covid-19 information - e.g. oxidative stress (MedCram), vitamin supplements, etc

    I've been watching a whole bunch of PeakProsperity and MedCram (excellent and respectable teaching doctor) to digest the medical info coming out about Covid-19 studies, etc (as I've been caught up blogging about it for ~6 weeks, etc). In previous weeks they've each described quite similar...