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hydrogen sulfide

  1. T

    Hydrogen Sulfide strips

    Anyone know if I can use the hydrogen sulfide strips used for water testing to test my urine. I think I read something about sulfite (sulfate?) strips in the past but not sure if this is the same. Thank you!
  2. Pyrrhus

    Video about Marian Lemle's Hydrogen Sulfide theory

    Marian Lemle @MDL talks about the Hydrogen Sulfide theory with Dr. Bindu Paul in a video prepared by Solve ME/CFS. Partial timestamps: 6:38 - introduction of Marian Lemle 7:12 - Induced Hibernation & Hydrogen Sulfide 10:37 - introduction of Dr Bindu Paul 14:58 - Riftia Pachyptila: possible...
  3. antares4141

    Septic tank gas

    I recently noticed a urine type smell in my bathroom in my new home. https://antares4141.wixsite.com/website I narrowed it down to the toilet. So I pulled it scraped off the old wax ring and put on a new one. Still had the same smell so I removed the toilet again and I put a flat piece of...