Video about Marian Lemle's Hydrogen Sulfide theory


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Marian Lemle @MDL talks about the Hydrogen Sulfide theory with Dr. Bindu Paul in a video prepared by Solve ME/CFS.

Partial timestamps:
6:38 - introduction of Marian Lemle
7:12 - Induced Hibernation & Hydrogen Sulfide
10:37 - introduction of Dr Bindu Paul
14:58 - Riftia Pachyptila: possible evolutionary origins of oxygen- vs sulfur-based metabolism?
17:56 - H2S & mitochondrial electron transport chain
19:20 - Theory of Systemic Actions (wrt to H2S)
26:30 - What Dr Paul initially found intriguing about Marian's H2S theory
30:20 - "Hydrogen Sulfide-linked Sulfhydration of NF-kappaB Mediates its Antiapoptotic Actions" & 2 additional studies
31:18 - preliminary findings from SolveME registry show altered sulfur metabolism
31:37 - intent to collaborate with Paul Fisher's team at La Trobe in order to investigate sulfur metabolism in their immortalized cell lines from pwME

33:30 - cyanide?
34:30 - impact of COVID?
36:40 - similarity between Long COVID & MECFS? --> emerging evidence of altered sulfur metabolism in longhaulers
39:10 - can you measure H2S in the blood in real-time?
41:10 - Evidence that sulfhydration decreases in aging and neurodegeneration, a pattern seem across multiple species
41:54 - as a treatment, would hyperbaric oxygen reduce H2S? Next steps, closing remarks, upcoming webinars, SolveME websites & social media channels, etc:
43:13 onwards