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  1. M

    Which Gut test? So many different labs

    I want to get a stool test done. I would like to get as much information as possible but it seems that there's no one lab that does everything that's available. I don't suppose there's a comparison website or article anywhere that shows the differences between the various tests on offer? I'm...
  2. J

    Comprehensive stool testing - Specific bacterial strains

    Good Morning All, Any new information or companies doing comprehensive stool testing, especially now that UBiome is no longer in business. I'm primarily looking for specific strains of bacteria in the large intestine to better understand my dysbiosis. My doctor only uses Genova but looking to...
  3. tiredgirl928

    Interpreting Genova GI Effects Comprehensive Profile

    Can someone help me understand my results? I’ve been googling and looked over the interpretive guide, because my doctor will only explain the results over an appointment and I can’t get out of the house currently. I’ve only posted the abnormal parts. My understanding is that my results align...