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folic acid

  1. P

    Abruptly stopped methylating B12 and folic acid?

    Hi all, I’m really suffering and anxious and hoping someone can help me. I’ve been injecting B12 and B9 every other day for autoimmune atrophic gastritis (aka ‘pernicious anaemia’) for several years now. Specifically, I inject hydroxocobalamin and folic acid. These had been addressing...
  2. SWAlexander

    The call from Rheumatologist/Hematology was short.

    A week ago, after blood was drawn, I sent my Dr. this APS-related article: B9 and B12 vitamin status in patients with antiphospholipid syndrome, its relationship with the course of disease and lesions of the cardiovascular system...
  3. Waverunner

    Tingling hand and feet; worsening by folic acid and B12 supplements

    Hi all, had some strange issues for several weeks now. I suffer from pretty bad food intolerances that seem to evolve over time. Three to four weeks ago I started to have strong dizziness, tingling hand, and feet, increased fatigue, and nausea. These symptoms last for several days but get...
  4. S

    Is Folic Acid the devil?

    I've recently started the simple methylation protocol with good results, even after only a week. I'm still only on crumbs of methylfolate though. I have multivitamins with folic acid and can't find any with no folic acid... all I can find are ones with higher doses of methylfolate than I can...