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  1. T

    How do I get my electrolytes to balance?

    I appear to be having a sodium/potassium issue and I have no idea why or how this is related to my other health issues. I'm sensitive to everything but I am finding treatments the issue is each treatment seems to send my electrolytes in a whole new spin off. Calcium D Glucarate: Robs me of...
  2. Rebeccare

    Salt tabs: Favorite brands? Dosage?

    It turns out that, after a lifetime of trying to minimize salt, it's really hard to take in enough sodium just through my diet! It's too bad that I find V8 rather nauseating. My doctor suggested salt tabs. When I asked about brands and dosage he just shrugged and said: "Just take whatever...
  3. Saraswati

    Muscle issues-dehydration/electrolytes

    I don't know exactly how much I should drink so am sticking with 12 cups of water a day (very thirsty and peeing a lot) from hyper POTS/mild hyperaldosteronism. But I have been getting muscle aches/cramps (more like muscle pulling sensation) behind my knees lately. I had my sodium and potassium...
  4. Dakota15

    POTS Treatment / Salt Tabs & Electrolyte Powder

    Hey PR - I just had a quick question. My CFS/ME Specialist advised me to take Metoprolol for POTS and also suggested to increase my salt intake to 2-4 grams a day with increased fluids. Specifically she suggested for me to add in electrolyte powder or to add in salt tablets. Does anyone...
  5. Never Give Up

    Why Does Drinking Electrolyte Water Help POTS?

    Shouldn't we all have fairly normal electrolyte and hydration levels?
  6. S

    Oral rehydration for low blood volume in orthostatic intolerance - tips?

    Dr Marvin Medows is doing a trial of IV saline vs WHO oral rehydration solution (ORS) in a clinical trial in PWME+OI. He says he has preliminary data that the oral solution may be better than the IV, but it's important that it's a glucose/sodium solution. I've tried electrolyte solutions without...
  7. PatJ

    Ultima Replenisher Electrolyte Mix

    On another thread @Valentijn recently recommended a commercial electrolyte powder (instead of DIY) to help with OI. The "Electrolyte Stamina Power Pak" she recommended looked good but has too much Vitamin C for me, which leads to fatigue and a general blah feeling. Electromix has been popular...