1. Hip

    Universal broad-spectrum antiviral VTose making progress

    Kimer Med's broad-spectrum universal antiviral VTose is making progress: it was just demonstrated to work against dengue virus and Zika virus. This brings it up to a total of seven viruses that VTose has been shown to work for. Kimer Med think VTose can be made to work for chronic viral...
  2. Hip

    NZ team reactivate research into DRACO (renamed VTose), the universal antiviral that could cure ME/CFS

    A team in New Zealand have picked up the baton on the universal antiviral DRACO, which might cure ME/CFS and many other diseases linked to viruses, as well fight a wide range of acute and chronic viral infections in humans and animals. Rick Kiessig and Phil Oliver created a biotech start-up...