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Universal broad-spectrum antiviral VTose making progress


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Kimer Med's broad-spectrum universal antiviral VTose is making progress: it was just demonstrated to work against dengue virus and Zika virus.

This brings it up to a total of seven viruses that VTose has been shown to work for.

Kimer Med think VTose can be made to work for chronic viral infections too, which might then be able to treat ME/CFS and other diseases associated with persistent viral infection:
Comment 3:
Reading the original paper from MIT, the authors themselves mentioned many areas where optimisation of this technology is needed, including improving cell penetration, production level, pharmacokinetics (serum half life), and the fact that it would not work on chronic viral infections (it kills virus infected cells meaning it would be toxic if too many cells were already infected).

Kimer Med’s response:
This is mostly correct. The path from a discovery paper like Rider’s to a commercial drug normally requires a fair amount of additional work, which is exactly what Kimer Med is currently doing. All these areas of testing are very standard for drug development and discovery.

We actually think that there is a way to make this work on chronic infection as well, which will be of huge interest to some of those neglected communities suffering from the effects of long term, chronic viral infection.
Source: Kimer Med responds to comments in media

The latest news about VTose's development can be found on Kimer Med's site here, and in this Reddit sub-forum.
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