1. Wanja

    I created a videoexperience of my derealization/depersonalization symptoms

    I created this Videoexperience to explain how some of my Cognitiv Symptoms manifest. It all started after my the crash in March after i took 5-HTP with Tryptophan for about 5 days. I was mild before with slight derealisation. It started with Intestinal Burn after eating and Dizzyness +...
  2. C

    ME/CFS and emotional blunting, apathy, anhedonia, depersonalization, derealization

    Hi, I have been suffering from me/cfs since 2014. As a lot of you I’ve been trying many different treatments from medications to spiritual and lifestyle change, however nothing seems to work that well. However, for the last month or two I am experiencing some emotional changes. Sometimes I am...