I created a videoexperience of my derealization/depersonalization symptoms


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Berlin, Germany

I created this Videoexperience to explain how some of my Cognitiv Symptoms manifest.

It all started after my the crash in March after i took 5-HTP with Tryptophan for about 5 days. I was mild before with slight derealisation.
It started with Intestinal Burn after eating and Dizzyness + Feverlike episodes + my Chronic Sinusitis and Candida worsened.
After 2 Weeks it went full blown neurological.
Extreme twitches, problems walking, cant think clearly or at all, feeling like my consciousness is pushed down or "choked", problems speaking, memory loss, vertigo when eyes closed, sleep paralysis with "doom" feeling and like there is no oxygen in my head + not able to think or form words, not able to concentrate for more than 3 seconds, scared by fast movements, Headaches and pressure which went from the front to the brainstem in the last weeks, vision changes (sharpened, everything smaller (micropsia) cant focus on one point, problems seeing complex structures, hearing (varying loudness) changes, no emotions anymore, no feeling in the body and feeling out of the body, whole nervous system on fire. Went full severe over with this episode.

Anybody else experiencing something like this?

Rufous McKinney

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vision changes (sharpened, everything smaller (micropsia) cant focus on one point, problems seeing complex structures, hearing (varying loudness) changes

very interesting- and during some more acute episodes of PEM, for me, I experience some of what you are describing. It worsens and then gets a bit better, but I have pretty intense brain fog thats constant.

Can't focus on one point- I am fascinated you said that. My dining table is covered in paint brushes, paper and paints and it seems its impossible for me to do simple art that, in the past, required little or no effort. And I cannot seem to focus on the point- is a key aspect of the whole problem.

Tried to write a letter with a pen: well I should take a picture of my first draft: it looked like a 7 year old had written it, and I am really having trouble wiht the "tip" of the pen. I started all over again.

This is partly due to the big eye problems I have, but its hooked straight into the brain so it is the brain too.

I can't do art cognitively. So there is that, too.

May I say I hate this?

I am supposed to get some antibody tests...if I could just get vaccinated...and get down there.