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    VITAMIN K1! Help!!

    Ok I may have overdone it on Vitamin k1 for profuse bleeding. I feel flush with some tingling in left foot. Im doomed either way. Don’t take and i’m bleeding and take and i end up feeling flush. I am deficient in vitamin K and it is helping thr bleeding but the dose was too high at 1mg. It...
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    Vitamin k, gut or liver??

    ok i've been dealing with hemorrhaging since 2018 along with all my other symptoms. I'm a female. I just had a revelation. This all started after my doctor gave me glutathione to detox my liver in 2018. Hemorrhage happened briefly back in 2016 i believe after i tried Low dose naltraxone but...
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    Herbal treatment of blood circulation disorders (including anti platelet therapy)

    First 2 pages give a fairly good insight into the subject.
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    Is me/cfs a blood disorder?

    A topical subject. Your contribution to the discussion might be to post old research on this subject, or to tell us about your own experiences of using things like blood thinners ect. Maybe you have a theory.
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    Fundraiser for Dr. Prusty's Research (Würzburg University)

    A group of patients has started a fundraiser for Dr. Bhupesh Prusty's research at Würzburg University, Germany. All funds raised will go to the non-profit HHV6 Foundation and then be donated to Dr. Bhupesh Prusty's lab for his research. Dr. Prusty gave a talk at the NIH ME/CFS conference last...