1. linusbert

    Can Vitamin K1 and K2 (mk4/mk7) Supplement INcrease bleeding tendencies?

    my current vitamin D course includes, Sunday to wednesday (on 4 consecutive days), - 5000iu vitamin D - vitamin k1 500ug , vitamin k2 mk4, 1000ug, k2 mk7 45 ug - 100mg magnesium , 200mg potassium, a bit sodium - a few grams vitamin c sodium ascorbate - zink , selen - carnitine fumarate - so + mi...
  2. T

    Calcium D glucarate for estrogen dominance

    ok so what happens if I take Calcium D glucarate but I am both low in estrogen and progesterone? Have severe estrogen dominance. I have been bleeding nonstop for several months now (six years if we count when this all started) and noticed that my belly swells up and then clots size of my...
  3. T

    Castor Oil safe for H2S SIBO???

    Hi all! I'm treating hydrogen sulfide SIBO after realizing my profuse bleeding was caused by sulfur poisoning back in 2018. Using oregano oil but it's causing constipation. I have used castor oil hexane free as a one time laxative before and it worked wonders. I would never use it more than...