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  1. L

    Autism, Hypermobility Type EDS and ME/CFS

    Hello, I wrote an article about how autism, joint hypermobility, ME/CFS and mast cells could be related. TL;DR: People with hypermobility type EDS have 7.4 times the risk of autism, according to a large Swedish and American study. Researchers have found increased amounts of a cell called a...
  2. Johnmac

    Links between CFS & Aspergers?

    I suspect my adult daughter & I have mild Aspergers. We're also prone to CFS. (Mine is currently in remission, thanks to B12 oils & SelfHacked.) Is there a link between Aspergers & CFS? Do B12 and/or mercury fit in there somewhere? Someone on a thread here said she suspects CFS is late onset...