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  1. GlassCannonLife

    ARA-290 / Cibinetide multi-tissue healing

    I just made a long post on using ARA-290 for endothelial dysfunction on the discord. I thought I might share it here and set this up as a thread for if and when I find more interesting anecdotes. From what I have read, it should be useful for any ischemic tissues, including eg brain and heart...
  2. mitoMAN

    ARA-290 / Cibinetide to treat SFN/POTS + modulate Innate Immune Response

    ARA-290 / Cibinetide Already discussed briefly in 2015 https://forums.phoenixrising.me/threads/fast-track-approval-for-sfn-drug-ara290.36976/ ARA-290 is one of those compounds that has proven to produce similar results to IVIG for SFN Patients. As I have read in a recent study that up to 70%...
  3. mitoMAN


    Anyone tried ARA-290 yet? I am going to start this with a few other patients in about two months, waiting on custom snythesis to finish. I think this would be the only possible Gamechanger for POTS/OI and SFN. Some might have already ventured into it...