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  1. Bansaw

    Acetylcholine - How do POTS sufferers maintain good levels of it ?

    As a POTS sufferer I am trying to maintain a good level of acetylcholine to help boost cognitive function. I've found Acetyl-l-Carnitine plus a source of choline to be really helpful. However, my body seems to have developed a tolerance for it, even though I do 3 days on, 3 days off to avoid...
  2. R

    PON1 mutations, Excess acetylcholine, excess Adrenaline

    I have realized a lot of my problems have been due to excess acetylcholine. SSRI'S are anticholinergic so they helped me to great extent but not completely. However SSRI'S only target the muscarnic receptors and not the nicotine receptors. I realized that nicotine, acetylcholine and ethanol...