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  1. serafim

    People for whom Abilify has stopped working, is your baseline worse than before you started?

    There was a poll in the Abilify FB group according to which 58% of the users for whom Abilify stopped working are worse than before they started it, with only a few people being better. It’s hard to follow up with those who responded to the poll because i assume many of them have left the group...
  2. serafim

    Starting LDA while in a crash — good idea?

    Hi, i’m either in a long, very severe crash right now or i have permanently lowered my baseline. It’s been 2-3 months with no improvement. I’m really suffering. Can barely tolerate screens, no stimulation rest 23 hours a day. Should I start LDA? I seriously cannot afford to lose any more...
  3. N

    Full remission after 7 years of ME/CFS - What worked for me

    Hi all, just wanting to share my success story and how I got complete remission through an intense autoimmune protocol, low-dose abilify, and getting a cold. Full disclosure the doctor who's autoimmune protocol I followed does absolutely make money from books and very expensive consults, but I...
  4. Zebra

    Stanford CFS Clinic: what's it like in 2022?

    Hi, Comrades! I've been a patient at the Stanford CFS Clinic for a few years now, and I've seen it go through many changes, both in healthcare providers on staff as well as treatment approaches. It's been over a year since my last routine follow up appointment, and to manage my anxiety...
  5. leokitten

    Therapeutic efficacy of atypical antipsychotic drugs by targeting multiple stress-related metabolic pathways (Cai et al., Transl Psychiatry 2017)

  6. Hipsman

    Abilify alternative, Why it stops working for some & Mechanism of Action for ME/CFS

    TL;DR: Desipramine could be Abilify alternative, it has only 3 reports on PR and all are positive, one person apparently got into remission from it. More at the end. I think I know why abilify stops working and I already talked about this with @Hip . I'll start by saying that receptor down...
  7. elvira

    Zyprexa + Abilify?

    Hi all! I have a question. I take 2,5 mg of zyprexa/olanzapin every night for anxiety/sleep. It’s A second generation antipsychotic. Could I still benefit from trying low dose Abilify...? I was thinking of quitting zyprexa but i can’t sleep without it, i’m mad at my doctor for putting me on it...
  8. S

    5-day low-dose abilify report

    Hi folks! I'm going to share with you Frank's experience with the drug Abilify (Aripiprazole- 1/4 mg.) This is my friend's experience that I transcribed since he cannot post it by himself (due to his severe condition). Feel free to reply and ask as many questions you might have, he and I will...
  9. N

    Abilify- Stanford Clinic Patients

    Hi All: Lately have ready numerous posts on Facebook (Stanford/ME group) about the use of Abilify. Apparently the clinic is prescribing very low dose of Abilify as part of their treatment protocol. Does anyone have any experience using this drug. If so can you discuss the results you had...