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Week 6 on Valcyte

Discussion in 'Antivirals, Antibiotics and Immune Modulators' started by undcvr, Dec 22, 2010.

  1. undcvr

    undcvr Senior Member

    Ever since the 3rd week and dropping my dosage in half, things have really gone downhill. I can't say that the Valcyte isn't working but I surely don't feel the way that I did on the first few weeks when I felt like I could reach out and crush the stars. Now I am just pretty much back to struggling along and finding out new ways to not fall sick everyday. Very disheartening. Sometimes I stare at the bottle of Valcyte and wish that I could go back to the double dose.

    I am experimenting with other drugs again. Cycloferon and maybe Famvir (nod to Heapsreal). Maybe even gamma globulin therapy if I can find a way for my insurance to pay for it. My IGM lvls are in the 200s and the normal range for a healthy person is in the 400s. Insurance wont pay until i fall into the 50s. So basically the only way I can get on that therapy is if I am half dead and coming dwn will all sorts of rare infectious dieseases.
    I stumbled across a Russian/Chinese drug too: Arbidol.

    My sister is struggling with a very similiar condition to mine. She has a Candida infection that just wont go away either. I am beginning to suspect a very strong genetic component to this and that somehow both me and her ended up with lousy immune systems. Sometimes I wonder what chance we even have when we can't even keep such common germs at bay to lead a normal life.

    It spills over to the nervous system alot too. We both find it hard to cope with stress.

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