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Wanting to get started on simplified protocol while awaiting genetic testing results

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by jasrich, Jun 23, 2012.

  1. richvank


    Hi, Jason.

    I have looked over your lab test results and the other information you posted about your case, and here are my comments:

    1. You do have some gastrointestinal issues, based on your reported symptoms as well as the high 3,4-DHPP
    and beta-alanine on your lab tests. The relatively low levels of most of your essential amino acids could also be at least partly due to a gut problem. I suggest doing some stool testing. If your physician is willing to open an account with Diagnos-techs, and order it for you, I would recommend their Expanded G.I. Panel. If you need to get a test without a doctor's order, I would suggest the Metametrix G.I. Function Profile. If it is feasible for you to run two stool tests, I think there is value in running both the Metametrix and the Doctor's Data Comprehensive Stool Analysis. The first is DNA-based, and the second is a culture test, and both include sensitivity testing of antibiotics and herbal antimicrobials. These are both available from Given that you have gut problems, I think these should be dealt with first.

    2. Next, the lab tests indicate some deficiencies. I note that the urine organic acids test was run over a year ago, and the urine amino acids test was run over 8 months ago, and that you have been supplementing some things. I'm going to assume that your situation did not change much between the two tests, so that I can consider them together. So this interpretation will be based on their results. You may have corrected some of the deficiencies by now with your supplements, and you will have to sort that part out yourself.

    The test results show deficiencies in magnesium, copper, and vitamins B2, B6 and C. You may also have had other deficiencies that will not show up on these types of tests. The Thorne Basic Nutrients V that you are taking should cover these identified deficiencies as well as other possible vitamin and mineral deficiencies that were not identified with these tests.

    3. The test results also show that you had been exposed to xylene, and possibly that you also had a somewhat elevated level of aluminum in your body. As your detox system becomes more functional from the methylation protocol, it should be able to deal with these.

    Finally, the test results indicate that you had the vicious circle mechanism that is described by the Glutathione Depletion--Methylation Cycle Block hypothesis: glutathione depletion, a functional B12 deficiency, a partial block in the methylation cycle, and loss of folates from the cells. The simplified methylation protocol is designed to correct this, and hopefully it will do so for you. As always, I recommend working with a physician while on this type of protocol.

    Best regards,

  2. jasrich


    Maumee, Ohio
    Thanks so much for looking over my labs Rich. I really appreciate your time and feedback.

    I did a comp stool analysis with GPL at the same time that I did the OAT and UAA. My main issues there were enterobacter aerogenes +1, candida +1, elevated SIgA, clostridium spp 3+, and lots of undigested muscle and vegetable fibers. I believe that all are consistent with your analysis of my other labs and with a generally lousy functioning gut. Treatment specific to this lab has been changing the diet, supplementing lots of probiotics and sacchromyces, and supplementing mag glycinate which is supposed to help clear the Xylene.

    I just dropped off a hair sample yesterday so we'll know more about how my supps have been working, to the extent that hair tells the story. Yasko panel is about 6 weeks out too.

    I had not noted before that I was deficient in B2 and B6 (didn't know enough to pay attention to them at the time). I picked up B2 100mgs after reading the B2 threads on this forum but I don't know if I should use it, or the P-5-P 50mgs - you already told me to maybe hold off on the B6 but I don't know about B2.

    Should I try to supplement glutathione while I am working on titrating the Thorne V? Sorry for any repetition between here and Yahoo Yasko - I'm not sure which one you prefer - but there are good discussions going on on both and not necessarily overlapping.

    Thanks again.

  3. richvank


    ***Hi, Jason.


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