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Thinking about methylation...

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by Marcus2013, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. Marcus2013


    Dear All,

    I am slowly understanding how the methylation/remethylation cycle works. Due to my brain fog it takes more time for me but It's good to understand everything. (By the way lots of brain fog although not all have improved after only taking 50mg zinc piccolinate nightly, but that's another topic).

    However, I am wondering a few questions. If someone could help me I would be really glad :

    1.- In all methylation diagrams and pictures I've found, SAMe is only one step further from Methionine, and the body can easily convert it to SAMe. Then, why is SAMe used against depression and not Methionine in the first place ? If everything starts with methionine, why not supplement that ? Is it because it would create loooots of homocysteine that could not be remethylated ?

    2.- Regarding remethylation of homocysteine, why is it the b12+folate pathway prefered rather than the TMG/DMG/BHMT ? To me, it looks like a shorter and simpler path. Is it because MTHFR also helps producing serotonine and dopamine ?

    3.- Don't you think taking b12, folate, TMG, DMG, whatever helps the remethylation, could remove too much homocysteine ? Supposedly homocysteine is bad for hearth, liver, etc.. but it's needed to make glutathione, cysteine, etc...!!!! If you keep taking b12/folate/tmg/dmg whatever, aren't you in risk of not producing enough glutathione/cysteine etc... ?

    Supplementing daily with moderate doses of methylcobalamine+MTHF are supposed to be safe (no matter if you suffer from CFS/ME/Depression/ADHD/whatever) but I can't see why is it safe if it can lower your cysteine and glutathione levels!! (by remethylating too much homocysteine).

    Well, I hope someone could help me with those questions.

    Best Wishes,

    Here's the diagram I've used to make this conclusions :
  2. place

    place Be Strong!

    Wow you have some great questions! I can't answer them directly but.... Sometimes there are several spots in the cycle that have broken. Also, when taking any amino acid, your body tends to grow a tolerance to it and it stops working. So I rotate my some of my amino's every three days or so.

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