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Things to Be Grateful and Thankful for in 2010

Discussion in 'Lifestyle Management' started by Tia, Dec 23, 2010.

  1. Tia

    Tia Senior Member


    I wanted to start a thread about things I am grateful for, and hops you join in. :) I mean, sure we have a REAL hard time in life, but at the same time we have good days to and sometimes good things happen that we're grateful for, so; I'll start:

    Today I'm grateful for the fishes I've bought for the aquarium, and for a christmasgift I've received, a new friend I have, for the company I've had here and for having an income to improve my situation with. Oh, also my cat, he's really special, lol! *Cough stupid*

    Almost forgot: For finding my phone again (Dropped it) and for the snow and not so chilly wheather.
  2. Cort

    Cort Phoenix Rising Founder

    Thankfulness Thread for 2010

    Sometimes (oftentimes!) it's hard to keep in mind what to be thankful for but there are always things and it is helpful to be reminded of them - to keep them upperfront in our minds.

    Thankfulness is a realm of being that is a joy to exist in.

    Its always a good idea to cultivate this realm and it does take cultivation. We are wired to look for what's wrong and what's not working, not is working or what there is to be thankful for.

    I'd like to start off 2011 with a list of things to be thankful for that we can build on. I'll post them on the Front Page as we go into 2011. There are no right or wrong answers -they can be about CFS or they can be personal. This is only for positives!

    Here are some of mine:

    I am thankful for everybody who has participated in these Forums - I have learned from everybody. (That is actually a declaration of mine - that I intend to stand on - that I have learned from everybody - those who are here and those who are not).

    I am very thankful for everyone who has contributed to Phoenix Rising - and there is a long list - because they allow me to do what is in my heart

    I am thankful to Dr. Mikovits for showing such compassion for people with ME/CFS.

    I am thankful to Annette Whittemore for her vision and her huge commitment to improving the lives of people with ME/CFS.

    I am thankful to Wanda Jones for showing up in our lives.

    I am thankful for Suzanne Vernon's vision and her huge commitment to making a difference in this disorder.

    I am thankful for Kim McCleary's commitment and her work in helping to come to pass the CFSAC committee, the Disability Ruling, the Media Campaign, the many fascinating research projects, for hiring Suzanne Vernon :D, the Research Initiative, the Research Network, the Biobank, the CFIDS Link, the webinars... is only for

    I am thankful for Aftermath for prodding the creation of the these Forums.

    I am so thankful for Jody's many hours helping to build them.

    I am thankful for the moderators for sticking with the Forums and dealing with difficult situations and moderating with grace and patience.

    I am thankful to the UK crowd that left for helping me to understand the depths of their situation.

    I am SOOO thankful to my Father and my family for their understanding and their support

  3. Cort

    Cort Phoenix Rising Founder

    I am thankful to Nancy Klimas for her support of the ME/CFS community in so many ways over the years

    I am sooo thankful for Lenny Jason and his probing questions at the CFSAC meeting

    I am thankful for Koan's graceful presence on the Forums when she was here (and honestly I miss her). Although we used to clash horribly sometimes I also miss Dr. Yes's humor.

    I am thankful for Georges humor, Merry's compassion and steadiness, Frank's and Tuha's creative commitment, Mark's mind :) and balance, Consegua's passion and commitment to his daughter, Dolphin's focus and all the work he does, Helen's commitment and Turnip video's, Sasha's support, lancelot's passion, Freddd's creative approach to CFS treatment, Kurt's courage :), CBS's profound commitment, RichVank's generosity, gginngues support. Bob's evenhandedness, Diesel's inquisitiveness, Willows and Oceanblues probing intelligence, Kelvin's hilarious and uplifting blogs, carrigon's openness and heart, browneyedgirls support for PR and her book club, Dreambirdies wonderful support, LaurelW's amazing steadiness despite her health and her video's, all the wonderful video's over the past year, Cloud's commitment to helping others, Jenbooks experience and support, Victoria's compassion and her wonderful blogs (I hope things are continuing to look up), Kim's very important role in helping build the Forums - I'm sorry she's gone......LJS's guts, omerbasket's passion,

    ...The problem is that there are so many people and I'm just quickly looking through the threads ......
  4. Andrew

    Andrew Senior Member

    Los Angeles, USA
    I am grateful that I don't have to face this alone.
  5. L'engle

    L'engle moogle

    I second that! Thanks for the people here!

    Also grateful for my parents and my boyfriend, who also has ME/CFS. And for the friends that I've spoken to over he last month who''ve been understanding.
  6. justy

    justy Donate Advocate Demonstrate

    I am grateful for the internet that has helped me connect with others who understand where i am, that wasnt there when i was first ill and so i am very very grateful for the information it has provided me with and the friendship and support. I am grateful that my health is improving and that i have a loving husband and children.
    I am extremely grateful that there are intelligent doctors in the world who know that my illness and experience is real, even if i have never met one of them.
    This is beginning to sound like an Oscars acceptance speech so will shut up now.
  7. Sallysblooms

    Sallysblooms P.O.T.S. now SO MUCH BETTER!

    Southern USA
    I am grateful that I started the year terribly ill in bed with POTS but with the help of my doctor I am doing SO much better. My family members keep saying how great I am doing. I always forget how I couldn't do ANYTHING for so long. It is really fantastic.

    I am VERY blessed to have two doctors that are experts with supplements so I can heal.

    I am grateful for my family, parents etc helping me and taking care of me when my hubby has to be out of town.

    VERY thankful for my HUBBY. He works and also cooks, does laundry......What a blessing.
  8. Cort

    Cort Phoenix Rising Founder

    I'm grateful for my 'coach'

    I'm thankful that my football team, the Oakland Raiders, finally had a pretty good year! That brings a smile to my face. I've followed them since I was a kid.

    I'm thankful for my father and the beautiful he has produced that is all over my walls. I'm grateful to be in touch with unique and interesting art.

    I'm grateful that I finally got an apartment to live in

    I'm grateful that the new tar on the driveways has finally outgassed enough so I can go back in it :)
  9. Merry

    Merry Senior Member

    Columbus, Ohio, USA
    Thanks to Tia for starting this thread, and I am thankful to her for her example of courage and perseverance. She's been ill forever.

    Thanks to Cort for starting his own gratefulness thread and, somehow, in some mysterious process never to be understood by us mere mortals, combining the two. Geez, the work he puts into running Phoenix Rising!

    I'm grateful to him and to the volunteer staff of administrators and moderators.

    Thanks to all the people who give of themselves in taking the time and energy to post their thoughts here, explanations of science, and links to useful information and music and funny videos. Special thanks to someone in this community - sorry that I can't remember who - that suggested the laidback laptop table. Being able to use the computer lying flat in bed has improved my well-being tremendously.

    I'm grateful for my son and for his concern. That he lives nearby helps.

    I like that from my bedroom I have a view of a wooded area and that I sometimes see deer and raccoons. Many birds also - and, for the first time in my life, in this last year I saw red-shouldered hawks. Interesting plants here, too. All this gives me something to think about beyond myself.

    A good public library I'm really, really grateful for. And I thank my cousin and her husband for giving me a subscription to Netflix.

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