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Theory about pem

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS Discussion' started by carmadw, Jul 21, 2016.

  1. carmadw


    Graz, Austria
    My Theory about ,,pem, ,....

    Last year I had a horrible pem, but a doctor came and gave me praxiten, which stopped my pem...the Problem was, that I did too much the same evening and I had these feelngs in the head, that you get the day before the actual pem.
    So I took 30 mg oxazepamm for the
    Night but, slept fine, then woke up and pem again, but sadly not they same pem that at I got usually..
    Usually my pem was : doing hnothin. And wait until it's over. feelngs in the day he actual pem, sleeping and there it was,
    A complete other Form of pem, wasn't able to move , that's normal, but I had no Power anymore in my legs. I was full with fatiue and everything Hi I did. Trying to w,lk,, orf watch tv ,even talkingtv made my condition worse .

    So I think the usual pem was stopped, because I took Oxzepam.
    I think pem is because you're overdoing, it leads to a state when some kind of inflammed nmda recerptors are overdoing the whole body and gaba tries to stopú And inhibit the overding nmda receptors
    In my case I took the oxazepam at thnight, when I got the pre-pem state. So I hought my pem wasn't as usually because my gaba, couldt Act as the should Act, because I took the oxazepam which signalises the body, that they don't need to Fight on their own.

    Why I think that one part of the pem is a inflammed process with high nmda activity is because the predison help so mucgh
    I it took a few day, I had terrible Headaches, but the feeling or fatique went better everday, it felt like an inflmmation state, which was all around the body.
    I nearly felt healthy, but then I did the worst thinhg in such a Situation
    Are there any studies that have worked in this area?
  2. Hip

    Hip Senior Member

    It is a bit difficult to follow your post. Are you are saying the following:

    • You did some physical exercise that would normally cause PEM.

    • You took the benzodiazepine drug oxazepam before going to bed, on the day you did this exercise.

    • The next day, your PEM was eliminated, or different to normal.

    Is that what you are saying?

    Have you tried any other benzodiazepine drugs (like clonazepam, diazepam, lorazepam or alprazolam) to see if these also reduce your PEM?
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  3. carmadw


    Graz, Austria
    Excuse my poor English Skills:
    I got pem, then it tooktoo oxazepam, which stopped this pem
    Unfortenstly I was overdoin CG on the same day , took of oxazepam and slept. Next days something was wrong.
    At my normal pem, all I got do or all I could do , was lying there and wait until it's over.
    This time the pem process stopped, all I had fatique. Couldn't go, was full bedridden.
    It sems to be, that because I was full with Benzos, the natural gaba System didn,t work anymore.

    : I did enough, so my pem startet Next day.

    NK took oxaszpam when pem was there.

    This time the oxazepam stopped my pem.

    But I was doing to muc HB on the same day, then sleept with oxazepam.

    Waki g up with a different pem.
    Normly by body needed 1 dsay to recover, but this time my body just didn't work like it should do...
    That's why I tink that Gaby and glutamate receptors, nmda receptors Plays a huge role in this ,,pem,, thng

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