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Testosterone, TCM, Chelation, Chelation Mishaps, Amalgams, IBD, Protocol, etc

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by Sam7777, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. Sam7777

    Sam7777 Senior Member

    Hello there. Can't get into all the details in just this post, but hoping to add more information if I can get engaged into any constructive direction in what I am searching for.

    I have not been "officially" diagnosed with CFS. I do not seek to be. But, symptom wise, I am very unwell and meet many of the symptoms. I pondered the last 12 years (currently 23 yo) that I might have 1) IBD 2) Lyme 3) B12 deficiency 4) cancer 5) Food allergies ( I did have quite a few and got much of it under control until about six months prior to a "chelation mishap" [my health in of itself was declining even prior to a severe chelation mishap]) 6) CFS 7) Adrenal Fatigue 8) ulcers 9) many different psychological conditions such as borderline personality disorder, paranoia, depression, GAD

    A) Are you a hypochondriac? B) Why do all these diseases have strong similarities? C) Why does every single environmental disease I suspected myself of having, have 1 or 2 major symptoms critically essential for meeting the criteria of diagnosis missing among my overall symptoms.

    CFS- In and of itself ok maybe, but not as severe as at least 75% of the people I had read about. AND I never had genuine cognitive symptoms consistent with REAL CFS UNTIL taking ALA. Since when and why, aside from heavy metal redistribution, would an endogenous molecule in the body such as ALA CAUSE CFS? Not buying it.
    Lyme- No periphereal neuropathy, facial ticks, no gradual onset, nothing until taking ALA. Not buying it.
    B12 deficiency - No overt neuropathy, burning, tingling, etc
    Endless normal blood work in general
    IBD- No bleeding, just lots of chronic pain
    Celiac- no history of issues of pain or depression prior to tooth. No stomach distress, abnormal Bowel movement. Not a thing until amalgam insertion at sixth grade.
    Adrenal fatigue- no POTS after eating black hunza salt for several months and more carbs. Adrenal fatigue confused with negative consequences of paleo diet [see Durian Rider 30bad arguement]
    Depression. etc- A harder one to get into detail in this post- suffice to say I took mind expanding Chinese herbs and realized that what I perceive in my waking reality is really "lacking" and though I mean well, I am not really in a position to "feel" sane or "normal". I.E autism references.
    Also Gary Null points out some very clear faults and fallacies of the APA DSM-5, American Psychiatric Association Diagnostic Statistical Manuel 5. Which is putting it politely compared to what I would really like to say. The DSM has very, very poor physiological, systemic, bio-molecular explanations for organic disease pathology of the brain. It just says "Here it is, and its bad, and we blame genetics- Here are a bunch of clinical trials showing how people react to medicine, but no real research stating how or why the disease originated in the first place"

    Conclusion via Hugh Laurey HouseEsque Scientific Induction - There is a high chance Boyd Haley, Wakefield, Etc, Etc are right about Mercury Controversy - I am chronically mercury poisoned.

    My mother had over 12 silver amalgams prior to my conception, which from a young age she ground down in her sleep. She has COPD, borderline fibromyalgia, undiagnosed severe depression/psychological myriad, 200 page medical record, kidney adenoma, chronic vomiting and IBD symptoms, severe fatigue, long history since age of 14 of severe off and on alcoholism. She takes herbs and is "stable", has only 4 to six amalgams left in bottom teeth, top replaced with dentures.

    Father had severe debilitating Ulceritive Colitis which created many hospital relapses and long term care incidents. He had severe fatigue. He had schizophrenia. Unfortunately this led to him passing away in an accident.

    I had one....just one amalgam in the sixth grade. But, many many problems occurred there after. Development of severe vision reduction after having crystal clear vision, onset of 12 years of IBD symptoms, MRSA infection for 8 years, gained 130 lbs (lost it all too 3 years ago with interval fasting and GF CF paleo alkaline diet) [regained 35 lbs after chelation mishap]. Many issues occurred with this tooth. It was poorly done and eroded and fell out into my mouth. Ultimately at this point 12 years hence from the tooth being filled, it is a deeply eroded cavity with a portion of amalgam in the bottom well hid and difficult to defect, save except with a mirror and flashlight. But the amalgam is at least 10 mm x 3.5 mm in volume. Suffice to say 14 months ago I did a chelation program with supplements including a bottle and a half of Alpha Lipoic Acid, Incorrectly without frequent dose mercury chelation technique WITHOUT KNOWING AMALGAMS WERE STILL IN MY MOUTH.

    I was a sickly person before this, I struggled to compete with normal healthy young adults. But I was not "disabled". I certainly was not after I had lost the weight. That had given me a life back and the ability to complete 1 n half years of difficult college training in environmental science, engineering, and chemistry.
    Ironically before I chelated my BODY, I did 8 months of research studying how to chelate impurities out of waste water (chemical and environmental water quality and engineering).

    Hence, Yes for the last 14 months I have had more or less debilitating neural, cognitive, and physical fatigue, disorientation, derealization since my attempt to use ALA. I am much more stable now, but compared to my old self, very very dumb, dull, nonfunctional mentally. When I first took the ALA I underwent some very severe anterograde amnesia events, and other various acute mental issues which slowly faded into a very dark dull brainless depression. Summer and better diet and supplements have improved this- some". No hope in this condition of finishing college/having career/ etc. Physically I feel like an old man. Nothing on the internet but CFS forums hits home with the kind of classic fatigue I experience.

    I took several Chinese herbs that greatly increase testosterone in the body the same period in which I took ALA. 14 months ago my testosterone tested as 1112 ng/dL. According to Boyd Haley Phd. testosterone greatly enhances mercury toxicity by impeding excretion in comparison to estrogen. It is evident in the autism rate of 4 to 1 boys to girls.

    What I now will list below is a strategy that I plan to implement in order to chelate mercury and other heavy metals out of my body.

    1) Find a doctor in the greater NYC area that can legitimately remove my amalgam containing tooth.

    2) Get my diet under control and alkaline, get belly fat down, and open up detoxification function of my organs with my past diet I used to lose the weight. Engage in high intensity juicing, limited water fasting, and tiered calorie restriction interval fasting. This will control rampant hormonal imbalances that make mercury excretion more difficult.

    3) Complete enough of Dr. Andrew Cutler's chelation therapy CORRECTLY to get past the severe "dumping phase" and into a plateau and stable phase.

    4) Upon reaching a stable phase, Use a series of very strong well consulted high dose Traditional Chinese Medicine herbal formulas and Western Detox herb formulas to repair the damage done by mercury and aid the overall immune system.

    5) Maintenance dose chelation and herbs indefinitely because we live in a very polluted world......

    This is my Chelation/Methlyation/Neurogensis Stack

    Modified Citrus Pectin...essential to bind mercury exiting the biliary system and into the colon to prevent reabosorption
    Chlorell...careful with this one as per Cutler
    Chlorella Growth Factor... relatives having huge success with this
    Humifulvate tablet and liquid + Stainless Steel Water Distiller
    DMSA @ 3 hour dosing interval x 8 daily|5 days on|5 days off minimum
    ALA and R-LA @ 3 hour dosing interval x 8 daily|5 days on|5 days off minimum
    Sodium Alginate
    Tri-Boron w/ Cysteine or MSM
    Selenium+Methionine and Cysteine
    Activated Folate
    Activated Niacin
    Subcutaneous Injectable Methyl-B12 without any Aluminum or Thimerosol!!!
    N-AC to tolerance, but very essentially..and aggressively.
    IntraMax Liquid Multi-mineral
    Purified covalently bound Silica
    Molybdenum and Zinc for Copper excretion
    Transdermal, Lyposomal, and/or Injectable Glutathione
    GrapeSeed, Cacao, Pycnogenol, Cinnamon Essential Oil OPC's.. lower brain inflammation
    Bacopa Extract for at least 24 weeks...this one really is the "nerve regenerator"
    Ashwagandha Extract
    Lion's Mane Mushroom ..same as bacopa definitely
    Gotu Kola Extract/Gingko
    Activated Charcoal

    I believe this post will stir some pots and rattle some cages. All good and fine. I need constructive input and criticism to point me in the right direction, as I understand that what I am dealing with is indeed extremely deadly and resistant to treatment. Information is controversial, derisive, poorly available to the public, difficult to understand for the laymen, and misleading.

    I am not a frequent poster of Phoenix. I am aware of the wealth of information in the archives here. Much of this I have yet to read, and I know it would reflect the pro's and con's of my statements in this post. I need people to see this information regardless, however. Links, peer reviewed literature, refutement, support, contention, studies, precedents, videos, all welcome and encouraged.
  2. Lotus97

    Lotus97 Senior Member

    United States
    I can't really offer a critique to your regimen, but I'm glad I read your post because I had been considering taking supplements to boost testosterone and limit estrogen so I could lose weight and gain muscle. I guess now I should try and assess my mercury situation before I do any of that.

    I also noticed that your are going to be taking Molybdenum and Zinc for Copper excretion. This is something I've tried in the past, but I was never actually tested. Have you been tested or are you just basing it on symptoms?
  3. August59

    August59 Daughters High School Graduation

    Upstate SC, USA
    Alpha Lipoic Acid will not chelate mercury directly out of an amalgam. It can only chelate mercury that has already methylated into the body. Your amalgam could release some elemental mercury, but I haven't heard nor read where ALA has any intereaction with elemental mercury. I'm not even sure if DMSA or DMPS will mobilize and chelate elemental mercury and EDTA has no affinity for mercury at all

    I know you are worried, but your almost putting the cart before the horse

    Alpha Lipoic Acid is a great supplement and it has been benefical and continues to be benefisal. I still have 4 or 5 amalgams in my mouth and at one time, based on the way dentist count them as 1 for the cuspid and another for the bicuspid and a surface, had around 40 amalgam fillings. Every tooth on top and bottom other than the straight front teeth were completely grey. Most of them have been replaced by crowns now because that was 25 years ago.

    Have had 5 heavy metal test. 1) Just a serology test and nothing showed up. 2) 24 hour unprovoked urine test and nothing showed up. 3) 6 hour DMSA challenged urine test - not real high, but well above normal was lead and nickel. Under went 10 week DMSA chelation protocol. 4) 6 hour DMSA challenged urine test - everything within range 5) 3 days of DMSA and a 24 hour urine test on the third day - Everything was within normal values, but cadmium and cesium was right on the upper edge

    I'm going to have another one in about 6 months cause I'm still curious as to where the lead and nickel came from. The lead may have came from my parents old house that was built in 1953. I had to paint the windows a couple of times and an outdoor screened in porch. We had a carport that was made out of what appeared to be galvanized tin. It never rusted, but if we tried to paint it the new paint would fall of in 6 moths. If I only knew what self-etching primer was back then.
  4. Lotus97

    Lotus97 Senior Member

    United States
    I've heard that mercury can be chelated from amalgams, but I don't know if it's true or not. I was taking 600mg of ALA twice/day and 600mg of NAC twice/day without any problems. Recently I cracked one of my teeth that had an amalgam and now I think I do experience symptoms from those supplements, but I'm not 100% sure.
  5. Freddd

    Freddd Senior Member

    Salt Lake City
    Hi Sam777,

    Your post indicates that you are unlikely to listen to or understand me becasue of the mems you appear to use. You need to go to the active b12 basics, check yourself againsst the COMPLETE list of SYMTOMS, forget the interpretations and diagsoses that are obviously useless and not producing a strong healing response in you. So go read the the basiics, indicate ALL your symptoms, even the ones that seem redundent, check out the list of reasons why b12 and folate therapies often don't work. Once you have that as a starting place we can talk. meanfully. You need to go back to basics and find what actually WORKS for turning on your healing, then build from there. Your list of supplements are self defeating.
  6. Sam7777

    Sam7777 Senior Member

    You are right Fredd, I will have to reread much of that available information over B12. And until I do we wont be able to really have a thorough discussion. I actually do believe B12 deficiency is a part of my issue. It has been 10 months since I read the entirety of that information over b12, so other things have came into consideration so far. I believe my zealotry in that post was not to discount b12 as a key issue, but to bring to attention mercury. Mercury would lead to b12 deficiency from what I can see. Though other things do as well, i.e as is explain in the B12 basics discussion thread.

    My hair test results indicated 8 different mineral deficiencies including iron. I have had blood work show a level of about 500 on my b12 16 months ago, so it is no doubt lower. I could have quite a few vitamin deficiencies (the minerals are needed for their function) and issues metabolizing and producing them consequently, as these types of mineral deficiencies alone cause probably over a 1000 symptoms. I think b12 is part, but not all of what is at home in my symptoms. But, the b12 symptoms are quite severe, and the folate issues and blockages/methylation issues further enhance the complexity.

    Right now the two most difficult things I am dealing with is ALA and B12, because you and Cutler present some very difficult issues that are definitely at the top of the list in terms of complexity- hence what you said- go back to the basics.

    I have a LOT of reading to do, but I am making my way through it.
  7. Rand56

    Rand56 Senior Member

    Myrtle Beach, SC
    Hi Sam

    If you don't mind me asking, what specific Chinese herbs were you taking that greatly increased your testosterone levels?

  8. Sam7777

    Sam7777 Senior Member

    Ginseng, Schizandra, Cordyceps, and Ashwaghanda (well this is ayurvedic herb) are all known to increase testosterone, though they are also responsible for a large number of other effects and should not be taken haphazardly. You will definitely want to get some good technical information on the pharmacology of them. All four are potentially excessive for people with severe deficiency and adrenal fatigue, they are quite good, but not without addressing underlying vitamin and mineral deficiencies, though they will help the body better absorb and utilize minerals/vitamin status. I was going to take the,, but in light of the risk of the first 4 months of cutler chelation, I will be building myself up some before I try to take them again.

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