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Rebranding MUPS? Is "Physiologically explainable symptoms" the new MUS?

Discussion in 'Action Alerts and Advocacy' started by lilpink, Mar 23, 2017.

  1. lilpink

    lilpink Senior Member

    So is this how they're going to sneak MUPS/ MUS etc etc under the radar now we've all cottoned on to those acronyms?


    "Physical symptoms which are not caused by physical disease or injury are very common, and can become very distressing and disabling. They can be caused by over-use (e.g. ‘cramp’ or tiredness) or over-breathing (e.g. ‘pins and needles’ or giddiness) but are usually explained by natural physiological processes.1 They are often explainable by reference to very well established physiological explanations of stress on the body, e.g. lactate build-up in muscles with over-use or acid-base imbalances from hyperventilation causing giddiness or tingling. They can be a result of an interaction between the physical trigger for the symptoms (e.g. a virus or an acute injury) and an individual’s cognitive, behavioural and emotional responses which may perpetuate these symptoms. Many patients with these symptoms meet criteria for a recognised syndrome such as chronic fatigue syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, non-cardiac chest pain and fibromyalgia. They can also be a result of anxiety or depression which needs treatment in its own right."
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  2. Esther12

    Esther12 Senior Member

    This looks terrible. Another thing I want to look into! So much seems to be happening at the moment. The quacks have a mjor advantage with being healthy... hard for us ill ones to keep up with them.
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  3. ladycatlover

    ladycatlover Senior Member

    Liverpool, UK
    I know a single case isn't "evidence", but...

    For years I had IBS symptoms, but since it's recognised as common in ME patients I just put up with it. Besides I hardly ever saw my GP and for several years the practice was run by a private company who were utterly useless (fortunately it's now in the hands of a committed group of practices and they have been incredibly helpful over my PIP claim). Then last autumn we went to London so we could hear Tim Peake speak at New Scientist Live. We stayed with our daughter, and while there I got very constipated and had a lot of lower left abdominal pain. Eventually it reached the point where we went to the walk in centre at St Thomas' Hospital. After X-ray and examination they diagnosed diverticulitis, prescribed anti-biotics and laxatives. Also told me to visit GP who sent me to Gastro Intestinal Dept at local hospital under the 3 week rule (suspected Ca).

    So after all that I'm finding it hard to believe that IBS is necessarily "Physical symptoms which are not caused by physical disease"! Unless testing is carried out (and when did the psychs bother with that?) the problem is going to remain and get worse.

    Oh, we did get to see Tim Peake, though by then I was too ill to go round the rest of the interesting exhibitions. We had front row seats. :) And this is completely off topic, but I managed to video part of his talk, from Kazakhstan to the ISS. For anyone who wants to take some time off from discussing ME/CFS ;) you can see it here:

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