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Questions on Calcium-Magnesium ratio, topical magnesium - related to ammonia/methylation

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by DFams, Jun 16, 2017.

  1. DFams


    Hi folks, it's been a while since I've posted on here... to give a bit of background my illness and symptoms are too numerous to fully list - but overall the biggest issues I'm having right now are ammonia overload/toxicity, very bad adrenal fatigue, very bad digestion (not just low stomach acid, but actual body/head/gut pain from all foods and supplements), many many food allergies, likely leaky gut, extreme fatigue, pain all over, never ending headache/migraine, back pain (kidneys I believe), problems with NOT urinating regardless of how much water I drink, and so on.

    I was recently diagnosed with MTHFR and I suspect more genetic mutations... the biggest hurdle I face is my digestion and ammonia problems - which actually seem to be one and the same problem. High ammonia levels are making it difficult for my body to absorb and process my food and nutrients, and as a result I actually have pain all over, not just in my stomach, if I try to eat most things that aren't the easiest for me to digest (which are like 5 foods in total). I also have a copper toxicity, or zinc/copper imbalance, which makes it very difficult to actually 'heal'.

    I eat extremely healthy, but have to do a very low protein diet. No meat, only vegetables... and even the few vegetables I do eat seem to be getting harder and harder on me.

    The only thing that seems to affect any of this positively, and basically all I'm taking (atm) are .. certain B vitamins (some I just can't yet take due to ammonia - folate/methylb12), and calcium and magnesium - which seem to have the biggest impact of anything else by far. It helps my ammonia issues more than anything, nothing even comes close... actually helps my digestion and absorption to where I can FEEL my organs functioning correctly again, helps me sleep, helps me to urinate again (very big deal), helps my back pain, energy, etc. And it actually feels like it helps my intestines to heal too (which seem in very bad shape atm).

    The main problem here is... calcium and magnesium only help, and only improve my digestion, when I get the ratios right. Which for me seems to in fact be 'close' to a 1:1 ratio, or just under it (1.5:1 or lower), like a lot of newer studies are saying we as humans need. Any ratio at all that isn't close to this, throws everything completely out of whack... I'll have the worst pains and insomnia, cramps, my digestive issues get worse than ever - especially when the magnesium I take is higher than the calcium that I take.

    Too much calcium to magnesium isn't 'that' bad, but too much magnesium to calcium wreaks absolute havoc on me and my digestion. I also seem to be very very deficient in both. But maybe more so in calcium. So I'm not trying to just get the ratios right, but correct some severe deficiencies.

    And the biggest problem I have with this is getting my ratios right (and raising levels of both), which the ratio I need also seems to vary a bit based on a few things. but the overall issues i have with my cal-mag ratio are...

    #1 because of how bad my digestion is, i can't take large doses of either, or both together. but small doses don't really help enough. I suspect that if I can maintain a 1:1 ratio for long enough, I'll eventually improve enough to take larger doses... but I'm not sure as it doesn't seem like I'm improving overall, only getting worse, even when I maintain it as best as I can.

    #2 the adrenal fatigue itself seems to make what i can and cant absorb, and the ratio itself vary from day to day.

    #3 there's really just no easy way to measure the ratios themselves.. and I can't take any of the very few already 1:1 ratio supplements (for ingredients reasons) So I have to take it as close as possible with separate ones, usually with different supplements mixed, which in most people probably wouldn't be an issue, but I'm very sensitive to a lot of things, and also just can't take a lot. I also have to split my doses throughout the day, or it seems like I just don't absorb anything at all.

    I've also tried everything else under the sun, every medicine, protocol, supplement, diet, you name it... for all my health problems. It basically boils down to this.


    So I guess the bottom line is... I'm trying very hard to alkalize, heal, and get rid of my ammonia overload - and calcium and magnesium seem to be the only way I can do this. And almost entirely as supplements too, since I can't digest any dairy, kelp, or broccoli, etc.

    But the cal-mag ratio (1:1) seems for me to be the MOST important aspect of taking them. And since I have so many issues, particularly with absorption, and not being able to take a lot of anything... I'm wondering how people who are very sick manage their own cal-mag ratios? And if they're able to take larger doses ONCE they get it right...?

    Also, how would topical or transdermal Magnesium Oil for instance, play into the ratios? Would it affect my cal-mag ratio greatly even if I didn't take it orally? It seems like the best way to absorb magnesium (especially for people who can't digest well like me), so I want to make it work... but I don't know how I'd be able to keep my cal-mag ratio correct if I use it. Especially since amounts absorbed vary greatly.

    And most importantly... despite any amount of these 2, whether in ratio or not, I only seem to be becoming MORE deficient in both (deficiency symptoms increasing/overall symptoms worsening, particularly that of ammonia). Even despite taking vitamins A, D, and K2. I think this largely stems with how little of anything I can take orally... which is why I'm frantically trying to figure out how I can manage the ratio the best, since it helps digestion at least a little... and also if topical magnesium oil on my skin would be wise - and how I can maintain proper cal-mag ratio if I do.

    And the thing that concerns me the most is... that anything more than a very small amount of cal-mag or any supplement, even if it helps my other symptoms, seems to be what's irritating my intestines and making my digestion slowly worse and worse. But I've tried everything in existence to improve my digestion... I don't know what else I can do?

    Any help on this large post would be very very appreciated.
    Last edited: Jun 16, 2017
  2. PinkPanda

    PinkPanda Senior Member

    I'm sorry you're having a tough time.
    Which b vitamins are helping and which aren't? What foods can you still eat?
    Are you taking zinc?

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