Lipkin's Monster ME/CFS Study: Microbes, Immunity & Big Data
The Microbe Discovery Project outlines an ambitious new study by top researchers that has collected patient samples, but needs desperately funds to complete the work.
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Questioning Authority by Siobhan McElwee, CFS Chronicles, 6/17/11

Discussion in 'Media, Interviews, Blogs, Talks, Events about XMRV' started by justinreilly, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. justinreilly

    justinreilly Senior Member

    NYC (& RI)
  2. markmc20001

    markmc20001 Guest

    Uneducated now? Would someone please tell that to Steve Jobs, or Michael Dell please? They better stop running those huge corporations before they find out it's too late!

    Did someone forgot to tell Henry Ford or The Wright Brothers they needed spend time in a classroom before changing the world?

    I would like to see the poll for CFS/ME patient education breakdown. Everybody I meet in here seems to be above average intelligence.

    Uneducated, conspiracy theorists, angry patients? hhmmm... Tactics to isolate, divide, and concur.

    They are clearly trying to isolate us from the scientists while preventing us from advocating for ourselves at the same time. Divide and concur baby.

    On top of all that, they are insulting your intelligence. At least mine anyway.

    All the doormats, please lay down. Thank you.

    All tactics to manipulate and appeal to various personality types. They got every angle covered.
  3. Francelle

    Francelle Senior Member

    Victoria, Australia
    Isolate, divide and conquer indeed!

    Can we ever win? Uneducated versus we search out too much information on our symptoms.....we're hypochondriac versus we're not interested in our condition!!! Grr
  4. taniaaust1

    taniaaust1 Senior Member

    Sth Australia
    "Friday, June 17, 2011Questioning Authority by Siobhan McElwee

    In December 2010, I sat at the FDA BPAC meeting and listened to a doctor on the committee describe CFS patients as less educated than the average population."

    oh lol .. the things which come out of the CDC and the mouth of the FDA at times are truely laughable.

    Ive had many doctors tell me that I research to much.

    The gov. depts just say all they can think of to try to put us down.
  5. SilverbladeTE

    SilverbladeTE Senior Member

    Somewhere near Glasgow, Scotland
    Very good article! :)

    Yeah the arrogance, egos, like bulls butting horns and stupidity...jeesh
    Liek I keep saying, one of my favourite quotes is "Ah, arrogance and stupidity in one package! How effcient of you!" ;)

    I once had an IQ of 170. I'm not an idiot...because I know that "smarts" are a damn sight more important than raw intellect, but "smarts" are impossible to objectively quantify.
    Wisdom, force of will, insight, empathy, introspection, self-analysis/criticism/depreciating humour, intuition, can't measure those.

    Many folk go into science or position of power ot have "certainty", to "control", because deep down they are scared sh*tless. Cowardice, being ruled by your fears, is one of the "Three Big Parts of Evil", the spiritual basis of malign behaviour
    and when I say "spiritual" I do not necessarily and exclusively mean that in the commonly held but erroneous meaning of "religous". It's broader than that, including possibly "the spirit" but also just the plain old Human Mind, and how it gets moulded and driven by it's surroundings and it's "user".
    Many people are secretly full of fear, and thus they must have absolute order to protect themselves. When this order is threatened, their fears turn into frustration, then anger, hate...abuse and violence. Very old story, bunch of folk figured that out a LONG time before there were psychiatrists ;)
  6. markmc20001

    markmc20001 Guest

    You're probably not a moron either. :)

    Agree about the IQ testing. So much it doesn't measure.

    Interesting insights.

  7. SilverbladeTE

    SilverbladeTE Senior Member

    Somewhere near Glasgow, Scotland
    But I ain't as clever as I once was, hence the damn typos :p
    and that frankly, is one of the scariest damn things about this illness :/
    Bad enough losing physical prowess I once had, but to be demeaned in mind? Now that is a "blasphemy": an outrage against that which is "right".

    And an even worse blasphemy, infinitely worse, is that some peoples' arrogance and callous snobbery, a need to have a "caste system" of those who "deserve" and "those who do not deserve" is at the heart of the medical profession, and that is why I have compared some of the folk involved in the active prevention of scientific research and the bringing of succor the sick, to the worst criminals in history for they are brothers in spirit (or rather, lack of it).

    Jeesh! When will we learn? :/
    Every GOD DAMN TIME compassion and mercy are subsumed by some "cause", some lust for wealth, some megalomanical cabal of petty minds slips in from the cracks to fill a void....whisperers who egg on and support an abandonment of caring about others, a grotesque pandering crew of sychophants who feather their nests by the theft of the lives of others.
    These days however, they don't even have the balls to use a sword or gun, for indeed, the pen IS mightier than the sword, ans safer! :p

    And lo'! With a stroke of a pen, or clack of a keyboard, 17 million and more souls are consigned to a Perdition, a Limbo in the cold, aching halls of Hel. (and that's not a typo, "Hel")

    And Niddhogg did chew upon the roots of the great immortal Yygdrasil, the Tree of Life, which bridged the halls of Hel to the joyous halls of Valhalla, and thus was never-ending sorrow born up unto the world of Men.
    One way of describing M.E., isn't it? ;)

    The world and people around us are full of insight, the greatest treasure trover in all Creation is the very space and places we move through and touch each day, the brightest jewels, the only ones which actually light it all up, are the people and living creatures around us.
    They are the TRUE wealth, the only one in the end which counts.

    Ever heard of the "Ahriman" ? He was the Zoroastranism's "Lucifer", the personification of Evil.
    For those who don't know, Zoroastrinism is the root of Judeao-Chritisn-Islamic beliefs, and probably also Buddhism and the religion of Akhenaten of Egypt.
    However, in this sense, "Ahriman" reffers ot a more modern tradition of spirituality a bit more grounded in the way people "tick".
    Point is, "Ahriman" is taken as being rampant Materialism, and it's offshoot, the soulless worship of Technology

    See, to some folks, the advancement of Technology and our "systems" are more important than ANYTHING: children's lives mean nothing in the end, as to them "for every one life lost, a hundred are saved!"
    But they don't see that is just the same chant called by those who burned people alive "to save their souls".
    hard choices have to be made, yes, but they should be made by NEED, not Ego and Greed. But they blind themselves ot their own horrendous evil by wrapping themselves in a blanket of "doing it for the best!" and "pragmatic statistics", as others did for "the glory of God"....same tune, different scenarios.
    People do things, because they WANT to do them.

    Which is a long winded way of epxlaining things that have ot BE understood, like the Science Media Centre.
    You have to grasp the deeper parts of things, to avoid being dazzled or bored by the surfaces.
    any of those allied to the Science Media Centre and it's much broader network of liek-minded individuals, have an zealous belief in the promotion of "science, advancement, technology " at any cost, religious zealots who worship technology as if it were the Answer to Everything, rather than the mere "tool" that it is.

    And so, a blanket of silence, of "the undeserving sick", the "hysterics making up their illness, move along folks, you'll just encourage them!" is drapped of the things they don't want Joe Public to get in an uproar about, between compassionless jerks in the medical world, and greed-bedazzled technocrats in other areas.
    They cannot have folk quesitoning the safety of vaccines, or nuclear power or anything, because their own World View depends on the rigidity, the stability so they cover up that which upsets that stability
    And what's even more tragic is that many of the those invovled in this don't even see their own true reasons for doing it and can never, ever admit their wrong or see the terrible things they have not prevented when they coudl and should have.

    Same old sh*t that's been going on for millenia, they just think they are "the Right ones who truly Know!", as such always do...

  8. caledonia


    Cincinnati, OH, USA
    I'm glad to hear that our various writings around the internet are having such an impact that they feel they have to say bad things about us to keep us down. This means we're on the right track and we need to keep it up.
  9. alex3619

    alex3619 Senior Member

    Logan, Queensland, Australia
    Hi, the way I see it is similar to Caledonia - if they need to react, we are having some impact, and its way past time. It should have happened sooner. I for one don't intend to stop, as long as everything is lawful.

    At the risk of getting into political philosophy, I would describe myself as strongly pro-technology and pro-industry. However, the point of both of these is to serve society - if it harms society, if it doesn't help more than it hurts, then what is the point? What right to they have to operate in society if their only purpose is to harm society, and benefit a few? These issues have to be balanced, and that is the role of government - but governments are failing to do so. At least in part this is due to a declining media sector, investigative journalists are almost an extinct species, and in part to spin machines. Our most recent Australian federal election was based on who had the best spin - substance was mostly lacking. They do public opinion polls, and then tailor their spin to match. That isn't leadership, its not vision, its government by deception. Sorry to be so cynical, its how I see it.

    The biopsychosocial lobby is doing more harm than good. They have no social right to operate, or receive government resources, so far as I am concerned. I put the movement as a form of alternative medicine, only legitimate because of historical accident. It would be better to have a broad discipline within medicine that deals with misunderstood conditions, without prejudice as to mental or physical. Yet somehow its OK to view physical diseases as mental because mind and body interact - but don't ever suggest that the mental diseases are only physical because the mind and body interact.

    (Sigh) thats my rant for the moment. More to say, but more important things to do.


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