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Discussion in 'General ME/CFS Discussion' started by mrmichaelfreedmen, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. mrmichaelfreedmen


    So my friend and myself order Hydroxocobalamin extreme from for around 5 years now...

    -Our last order which was 6 months ago was way past its delivery date so we had to email prohealth and were told the package was being held by Australian Customs. After contacting Australian Customs they told us that was NOT the case at all, and the package was delivered the following week with no signs of it being opened or inspected by Australian Customs(Australian Customs put a big red sticker on a package and a leaflet inside the box if they intercept open and inspect a package).

    The person at was made awear of this and the fact miss-information was not helpful.

    Anyway yesterday we received our next order from prohealth, the package being picked up from our local Post office. After opening the package(which displayed absolutely NO signs of tampering or being miss-handled)and dividing the bottles between the two of us we straight away noticed the tablets were stuck together(the bottles are made of a dark see through glass)after opening each bottle we noticed the seals were intact and the tablets were indeed stuck together often to one side of the bottle. The tablets them selves were swollen pale brittle but felt damp and smelled strange(like a rotten strawberry).

    After taking several photos(attached)and emailing prohealth those photos we asked them why these tablets were in this condition also why we received 30 count bottles instead of the 60 count bottles we ordered?

    -The reply was unbelievably directed to it being our fault!!! Because "we did not store them properly" then given the expiry date of the B12.

    Our reply to prohealth was that these were picked up from our local post office a few hours ago(the package was scanned by post office staff right before it was handed to us)and that these Hydroxocobalamin extreme were sent to us in this condition.

    I have been trying to get ahold of my friend all day but he tends to crash with too much stress, so am eager to know what has replied with.

    Now the main reasons I am posting this is because:

    A) Has anyone else had a similar experience with prohealth's Hydroxocobalamin extreme tablets or any of there prohealth branded supplements?

    B) What are the alternatives for a high strength Hydroxocobalamin sublingual tablet?

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  2. Marc_NL

    Marc_NL Senior Member

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  3. liverock

    liverock Senior Member

    Quite a few people here use the Transdermal Hydroxy b12 oil .from The company make and sell the oils and seem to freely give advice. As they are based in Australia there will be probably be less postage.
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  4. mrmichaelfreedmen


    @liverock thank you very much we will definitely look into the B12 oil!

    @Marc_NL placed order, a very good replacement product at this point.


    The next and final reply from prohealth was an apology and a refund. However no admission of guilt along with a convoluded scapegoat to "transportation problems" which we strongly believe not to be the case. But whatever...
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