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Prof. Pall adds 5-methyl THF [aka FolaPro or Metafolin] to his NO-ONOO protocol

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by richvank, Mar 22, 2010.

  1. richvank

    richvank Senior Member

    Hi, all.

    Professor Martin Pall has recently recommended in the Townsend Letter that 5-methyl tetrahydofolate [aka FolaPro or Metafolin] be added to his protocol, and he has also reiterated that hydroxocobalamin should be continued as well.

    With this combination, Prof. Pall's protocol has come into agreement with the essence of the Simplified Treatment Approach, which has been directed at lifting the partial methylation cycle block.

    Prof. Pall and I continue to disagree as to what the fundamental mechanism of the pathogenesis of CFS actually is, and he gives a different rationale for using these two supplements. However, I think the important thing from the standpoint of PWCs is that the NO-ONOO and GD-MCB based treatments are converging. I'm hopeful that people who are following Dr. Pall's advice will experience a significant benefit from this change.

    Best regards,

  2. August59

    August59 Daughters High School Graduation

    Upstate SC, USA
    I actually picked up that magazine at my local "Earth Fare" store and I tell you what that whole atricle blew right over my head. Wish I could have comprehended some of it. The magazine "the Townsend Letters" (the only issued that I have browsed) seemed to be a very informative publication.
  3. knackers323

    knackers323 Senior Member

    hi all, would love to hear from anyone who has tried treatment for either the no/onoo or methylation cycle, good or bad. thanks
  4. gracenote

    gracenote All shall be well . . .

    Santa Rosa, CA
    I tried Pall's supplements a year or so ago for several months. I didn't notice anything negative and have wondered about trying them again.

    I am currently on the Simplified Yasko. I had to start slowly at first. I've only been up to the full simplified for several weeks. I'm tolerating it just fine. I don't see any improvements yet. I did the Vitamin Diagnostics test and almost all the levels were off. I'm going to continue on the protocol and see if it helps.

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