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NutrEval results in - what next?

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS Discussion' started by ltd, Apr 4, 2014.

  1. ltd


    Just got back NutrEval results, after a year of TCM treating stomach ulcer and extreme fatigue, 6 months of layering in Dr Rich's SMP, and 10 years of GFCF super clean diet. Sometimes GAPS style, sometimes Paleo ish. Also have been following Dr Amy's advice per an HMT for a couple months. But I feel like I have to go back to square one and am feeling very low and overwhelmed at the moment.

    Genova results: Bacterial dysbioisis very high (red portion of chart) for DHPPA and Benzoic Acid, also high tartaric acid. 5HIAA in the red, too, along with stratospheric levels of taurine. But ammonia is fine(?? maybe cuz of yucca?). As is glutamine/glutamate, arginine/ornithine. My krebs cycle doesn't look too bad on the summary chart. Most amino acids look low-ish, except for aspartic acid, cysteine (green) and glutamic (high red), taurine (835 on a 538 ceiling. So I've cut back on meat.) the Glycine/serine metabolites are all borderline low.

    Supplementation need per test says borderline b1, b2, b3, magnesium, manganese, molybdenum. Also says I have good levels of antioxidants, other Bs, and zinc. I went off all supplements for 4 days before the test, per my local dr's instructions.

    HMT results from December showed rock bottom lithium and low germanium. but nothing else was in the red. Dr Amy recommended some A1298C caps, short cut supports, GSH, BroccoMax, magnesium, manganese, molybdenum, ora triplex, All in One, BeCalm. I've put all those in place regularly except I'm light on the A1298C caps (due to expense, and one of my kids really really needs them).

    I've been doing Dr Rich's protocol pretty much on my own - slowly with methyl donors especially. My local doc also has me on MediClear Plus, Chlorella, Isocort & DHEA (adrenals shot. looks like PTSD), electrolyte mix (more minerals), hibiscus tea (for labile hypertension), NAC. He just added prebiotic, probiotics, digestive enzymes based on NutrEval. he wanted me to add licorice root, but I have to monitor my bp for that and just can't bring myself to put that cuff on. [​IMG] This is all feeling like too much.

    I've also been on NaturoMycin spray, royal jelly, wasabi, grape seed extract, Champ Pro, infrared sauna, yucca. Plus a couple other things, but I'm sure whoever is reading this by now probably has blurred vision.

    I'm so tapped out. Is it advisable to cut back to just foundational supports, and the digestive stuff? My acupuncturist treated me for months for h. pylori with Chinese herbs (clean source), and now she has me on a new anti bug mixture. She's recommending an intestinal cleanse protocol. I've also been doing some muscle testing of my own on these supplements to try to whittle down the list.

    Any guidance on prioritizing would be most appreciated! help . . .
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  2. caledonia


    Cincinnati, OH, USA
    #1 Interpret your results using the Nutreval Interpretation Guided linked in my signature. This is a compilation of several interpretations that Rich Vank did - a lot more enlightening than the standard interpretation it comes with.

    #2 Do the 4R Gut Rebuilding Program (also linked in my signature). You've been doing TCM for your gut and it's not working. It should have done something by now. So get a stool test and see what bugs you actually have and then kill them off using the recommended herbs which will be effective against those particular bugs. Then run the rest of the steps with probiotics, glutamine, etc.

    And yes, I would cut back to the basics of whatever supplements you feel are helpful, and then just work on the gut for now. Once you have that under control, then move on to the next thing. Just like peeling off the layers of an onion.
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  3. Radio


    Hello ltd,

    H-pylori infection can lead to gastritis that can dramatically reduce stomach acid production as well as other contributing factors. Hydrochloric acid and Bile acid insufficiency could be the main factor related to the bacteria over-growth we are seeing. It also could be the underlying cause of the acquired mitochondria damage. I believe we have a genetic factors as well as environmental issues that make us vulnerable to this illness.

    The PST sulfation pathway is necessary for the breakdown and removal of certain toxins in the body. This includes the processing of a type of chemical called a phenol. If the Sulfation pathway is not functioning well, a person may not be able to process out the phenolic compounds as fast as they consume them. One of the main reasons for low functioning PST is low sulfate in the body. Sulfate is essential to keep PST functioning. Sulfate is also necessary in maintaing the integrity of the intestinal lining.

    Low sulfate levels = increased intestinal permeability (leaky gut).

    Low sulfate can occur for a variety of reasons. Some gut infections bacteria / yeast can produce large amounts of phenols, which may overload the PST enzyme.

    Everyone in this forum should be researching PST Deficiency as a possible related cause of food intolerance as well as dysbiosis and sulfur reducing bacteria. See more here

    Foods that inhibit PST (Phenyl sulphur transferase)

    Sulfur, and Sulphate Reducing Bacteria – Another Piece in the Puzzle
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  4. ltd


    ok, so I'm going back to the gut and lighten up on the methylation efforts.

    I had been hoping tests would show a clean digestive system, given all the work done, but probably it would have been much worse had I run this a year ago. I'm wondering if most of my symptoms are in fact gut related and not so much a result of under methylation.

    I'd been trying to use Calendonia's NutrEval guide and follow the 4R program already. But I think there are still more bugs to eradicate more leaky gut healing to address. So now I'm gonna concentrate on the bacterial/yeast piece for the next couple months, then maybe run a GI later depending on how I feel.

    Thank you both for your guidance.

    -- Laura

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