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not tolerating kefir maybe

Discussion in 'Addressing Biotoxin, Chemical & Food Sensitivities' started by anniekim, May 8, 2011.

  1. anniekim

    anniekim Senior Member

    I started eating kefir this week (made at home) and I've been feeling very lethargic and low in mood since taking it.

    Everytime I have tried taking standard probiotics I just get terrible diarrohoea and have to stop them. I'm not getting diarrhoea on the kefir but just so sleepy tired. Is it worth persevering and hoping the sleepiness will improve, or should i view it that I don't tolerate the kefir?

    Many thanks in advance
  2. MNC

    MNC Senior Member

    I tried to eat kefir too for my immune system and so on but I had to quit it after two or three days because it produces a tiny amount of alcohol (around 1-3%) enough to make me very sick.

    I am extremely alcohol intolerant, but I couldn't imagine that I couldn't tolerate Kefir for that reason. The symptoms I got were the same I get to when I drink alcohol (which I never do anymore). (I drank alcohol on week-ends when I was younger, so this came with CFS).

    I can understand that it's making you feel worse.
  3. maryb

    maryb iherb code TAK122

    Annie what you could do is freeze a batch of your kefir and stay off it for a couple of weeks see how you go, then try it again, I had problems with all sorts of probiotics but been taking Culturelle okay for a few months, just tried to culture it using soy milk, warm it slightly and then drop the contents of a capsule in, stir it and leave in a warm place, mine took 48 hours to take, (starts bubbling so you know something is happening) it gives you a yoghurt you can use for 5/6 days, much cheaper than taking the capsules every day. Can use this method for VSL? and the other expensive probiotics too. Use a few teaspoons of the culture to start another batch just like making kefir.
  4. Wayne

    Wayne Senior Member

    Ashland, Oregon
    Kefir Reactions

    Hi Anniekim,

    Below is a "snippet" from a "kefir post" I made last fall. It's hard to say what's going on in our bodies at times, but it's not uncommon for people to have reactions when first starting on probiotics products. For me, it worked out well to have worked through some initial reactions. Kefir has become such a staple in my diet, it's hard for me to imagine not having it. One of the main benefits is my ability to get easily assimilable protein, a huge plus after feeling "protein starved" for many years.

    Best, Wayne


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