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New Neighbor Smokes Like a Chimney

Discussion in 'Lifestyle Management' started by Carrigon, Apr 5, 2011.

  1. Carrigon

    Carrigon Senior Member

    PA, USA
    My neighbor, the one attached to my bedroom wall, has started smoking like crazy. And my bedroom smells of it, my sinuses are really being affected by it. I'm getting headaches from it. I'm just going crazy. And it's supposed to be a non smoking building, but management now says they are allowed to smoke inside their apartments. So how is that a non smoking building?

    And he will stand in his doorway with his door open smoking. His door is directly across from mine by just a few feet.

    He's killing me off. Then I have the other one next to him who also smokes like crazy and his bathroom vent is attached to mine.

    It still hasn't been warm enough out yet to keep the windows open. So I'm really suffering with this. There are way too many smokers in this building. And when they aren't smoking in their apartments, they are smoking in front of the building and all that smoke blows on up into our windows.

    I don't understand how this is allowed at all when it destroys other people's health. And no one seems to care or take it seriously. I'm really physically suffering from this and my whole bedroom stinks of it and my clothing. It's not fair. Why do we have to have second hand smoke forced into our bodies against our will?
  2. maryb

    maryb iherb code TAK122

    Carrigon can you afford to buy an air purifier? I didn't have the smoke problem, it was dust, I had to spend practically a whole year in my bedroom, it was using 2 air purifiers over that time that we were able to get the rest of the house less dusty.
    Really sympathise with you about the smoking, I can't even hug my son if he's been smoking, other people's lives:(
    I suppose the management can't do anything if peole are allowed to smoke in their flats, just unlucky you to have 2 nearby, so sorry you have to put up with that as if this illness wasn't enough.
  3. Boule de feu

    Boule de feu Senior Member

    Ottawa, Canada
    Poor thing! I can understand what you are going through.
    This is not fun at all. =-(

    I am totally allergic to smoke. I start coughing and my throat starts closing up. My lungs burn when I'm too close to someone who smokes.
    A few years ago, I was stupid enough to have guests from across the Sea. They were avid smokers. They stayed with us for 10 days. I couldn't stand it at all. My children also complained about it.

    At some point, I had to tell them to go for a walk each time they needed to have a smoke.
    You can't do that with your neighbors. A good air purifier (or 2!) would probably work. It did for me.

    Let us know how it turns out.
  4. Carrigon

    Carrigon Senior Member

    PA, USA
    I can't afford anything at the moment. I really think they should segregate smokers and have apartment buildings that are only for smokers and other buildings that are only for non smokers.
  5. silicon

    silicon Senior Member

    Hi Carrigon,

    Im so sorry to hear that you must deal with inconsiderate smokers. (I wonder if there really are any other kind) I think it must be crazy-making to have to deal with smoke in your apartment, on top of everything else. That stuff is poison.

    I hope there is some way you can plug up your vent at least. I once used aluminum tape on a vent that was connected to a smokers unitand my then-landlord was ok with that. Sadly, its probably impossible to plug up all of the pathways by which the smoke enters your apartment.

    Sadly, we seem to be at the mercy of the goodwill of the smokers, absent any legal protection. I wonder if you could communicate to (and maybe scare) the landlord that second-hand smoke exposure is a serious health issue for you. I think that only the fear of a lawsuit would spur most landlords into action.

    I am all for segregating smokers! They are all the bane of my existence.
  6. Zavier

    Zavier [banned as spam]

    Yes you can vent because its a serious problem and it must be resolved otherwise you will be disturbed. Or you may talk direct to your neighbor to do less smoking or try to smoke outside the home.

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