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Need help with SNP test and myopia

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by Hannah88, Apr 10, 2013.

  1. Hannah88


    AHCY + CBS block help from expert

    I got my DNA results from Doctor Amy last week since I have severe problem with acne and myopia. Can some expert help me to understand my results and symptoms.

    COMT V158M -/- G
    COMT H62H -/- C
    COMT 61 +/- Hetero
    VDR —-Taq—tt— C
    VDR—- Fok —-FF —C

    MAO A —–R297R——- +/+—– T
    ACAT 1-02 -/- G
    MTHFR C677T -/- C
    MTHFR 3 -/- C
    MTHFR ——-A1298C ——– +/- Hetero

    MTR A2756G——– +/+ G
    MTRR A66G +/- ——— Hetero

    MTRR H595Y -/- C
    MTRR K350A -/- A
    MTRR R415T -/- C
    MTRR S257T -/- T
    MTRR 11 -/- G
    BHMT 1 -/- A

    BHMT 2 +/- Hetero
    BHMT 4 +/- Hetero
    BHMT 8 -/- C

    AHCY 1 ———–+/+ —G
    AHCY 2 ——–+/+ C
    AHCY 19 +/+ ——– G
    CBS C699T ———+/+ ———T
    CBS A360A +/+ ————-T
    CBS N212N -/- C
    SUOX S370S -/- No Support Needed
    SHMT C1420T ——- +/- Hetero
    NOS—– D298E—– -/- G

    Someone suggest me to take the HDRI methylation panel so not sure about this. I have myopia at -4.5 and acne problem whenever eat sulfur foods. I am not sure for my ACE gene since Yasko stopped checking it and since I am only 17 years old and need help with this result.
    I want expert like Freddd can help me with this.
    Look forward to your replies.:)

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