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My 15 year old nephew just got 30 of his friends to vote for WPI and CFIDS

Discussion in 'Action Alerts and Advocacy' started by anniekim, May 19, 2011.

  1. anniekim

    anniekim Senior Member

    I asked my fifteen year old nephew and 18 year old nephew to vote on Chase Giving. My 15 year old nephew put it up on his wall and has told me that he's got 30 friends to vote (he has about 800 facebook friends).

    The charity at the top is a youth charity. I think as young people are on facebook so much and have so many facebook 'friends', they can garner a lot of votes. So if anyone knows some young people, they seem good people to spread the word. Just an idea!
  2. Sasha

    Sasha Fine, thank you

    Great idea and I'm sure you're right - I only signed up for Facebook to vote in things like this and don't use it at all, otherwise - it seems a burdensome thing rather than a pleasure and I'm sure that's to do with my age!
  3. Nielk



    That's great!! Well done:balloons:
    I said this before that we need to tap into the young crowd because they are on Facebook all the time anyway.
  4. helen41

    helen41 Senior Member

    Sleepy Hollow Canada
  5. glenp

    glenp "and this too shall pass"

    Vancouver Canada suburbs

    Thats great that they care so much!! WTG Give them a big thank - you from us.

  6. anncavan

    anncavan Senior Member

    San Francisco, CA
    That's awesome!!!

    I came up with some voting tactics myself that were pretty successful. Please give it a try if you can. I've had the success with friends voting by sending them personal messages via FB. I wrote an update and why CAA and/or WPI is important to me with the voting details. I opened FB in 2 screens on my comp...uter side by side. One screen showing my list of friends so I could seen their names alphabetically to type them into the messages (I think you're allowed 25 ppl per message), the other screen was the messages page where I'd copy and paste the same update. I cranked out over 600 personal messages in about 30 minutes and I've had at least 60 votes that I've seen. Not to mention countless personal notes from friends cheering me on. I wasn't sure if it would work or they'd just consider it spam. Well, it's worked! :)

    And here's my letter if you need a template(note I wrote this in response to a WPI request, but it could be easily updated to include CAA):


    Im writing because I need your help. Im not asking for money, just two simple clicks of your mouse on Facebook. (If you don't want an updated of how I'm doing, just skip below to the links, I won't be offended! Just please vote!)

    As you know, I have been sick now for 3.5 years. Unable to work, and depending on the day able to be out of bed from just 15 minutes to 4 hours a day. I have Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) - a chronic, inflammatory, neurological disease that is multisystemic, affecting the central nervous, immune, cardiovascular, endocrinological and musculoskeletal systems. My body is unable to fight off viruses and infections like mono, roseola, lyme and pneumonia. For quite some time I have had all four of these infections, setting up shop in all of my internal organs.

    17 million people worldwide suffer, with virtually no viable treatment options and no serious research institutions are doing anything about it.

    Until the Whittemore Peterson Institute recently came along. One family, fighting for their daughter's life, footed the bill and opened a state of the art institute for the sole purpose of researching Neuroimmune disease. But, this single family can no longer cover all of these costs alone. WPI needs help raising money to perform the necessary research for a cure.

    Thats where you come in. Just a simple "Facebook vote" by you could put the WPI in a position to receive $500,000 in the Chase Giving Campaign. Last I heard were in 5th place. It's easy. All you do is:

    Go to: and click like

    Once you "like" Chase Community Giving, you can vote for WPI by voting at:

    Voting ends May 25th.

    As for me, I'm getting by. I miss working, running, travelling and general galavanting. But I'm one of the lucky ones who have ridiculously supportive family and friends.

    Thanks for all of your continued support!!! This probably isn't the last time you'll hear from me asking for advocacy help. And please feel free to share my story and ask your friends to vote!!!


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