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Mutation interpretation, detox and serious anxiety issues.

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by Tanna78, May 6, 2016.

  1. Tanna78



    I'm looking for some help with the results of a 23andme test. I ran the data through several of the interpretation sites and am looking for any advice and suggestions that might aid a chronic anxiety disorder and severe depression that's resistant to treatment. I've been taking various meds and nothing seems to help, and I'm getting counselling with CBT? Both my partner and I feel that we are missing something as I had few health issues prior to my early 30s and was a very happy person.

    A little more history...

    Most recently my GP referred me to an endocrinologist (prior to the 23andme results being ready). The referral was made because despite my age (37), my beard growth had slowed significantly over about 4 years and i had been resistant to treatment of depression and anxiety. The tests carried out were Testosterone (low-normal @8.5 - value typical of someone age 85), Estrogen (low), Lutenizing Hormone(low @1.9) and Follicle Stimulation Hormone (very abnormal @ 0.8), Cortisol 9am (normal), and Vitamin D (Sub-Optimal but in range). As the bierd growth slowed, my symptoms of anxiety and depression have increased. I've had my pituitary checked and nothing is evident on the MRI scan.

    I have also had Salivary cortisol and DHEA testing done and the curve was very normal. Hair mineral analysis also mostly normal. Only notable things on hair mineral were that the Na/Mg and Copper/Mg were slightly elevated ratios, likely because I've been taking Magnesium supplements to help my nerves. Been checked for Pyloria and result was ok.

    Wound healing is slow and healing tissue is evident for months or years which is different to before.

    Of note, I also spit pink or bloody sputum first thing in the morning and nobody in the medical profession seems to know why this is. It's not coughed up, just spit for a short time first thing each day.

    I'm taking Fish oils, Magnesium, Vitamin D 10k iu per day (for the past 5 weeks only and for another 3 at this level) and my antidepressant. Never been clinically depressed in my life before age 34, and not one to take medication without trying to heal without it first.

    Now to the DNA result run through Genetic Genie Methylation Profile Report.

    Homozygous :- (+/+)

    VDR Taq (rs731236) AA
    MAO-A R297R (rs6323) TT
    BHMT-08 (rs651852) AA

    Heterozygous :- (+/-)

    COMT V158M (rs44680) AG
    COMT H62H (rs4633) CT
    ACAT1-02 (rs3741049) AG
    MTRR A66G (rs1801394) AG
    MTRR K350A (rs162036) AG
    MTRR A664A (rs1802059) AG
    BHMT-02 (rs567754) CT
    CBS A360A (rs1801181) AG

    I have also posted a fuller version as an attachment.

    I'm looking for ways to aid with the significant depression and anxiety situation plus weight gain over 15 years that goes unexplained, and a sense of chronic fatigue and lethargy that I can't shift.

    Periodically I experience random remission of symptoms for several hours only. It does not relate to my thinking styles or change of circumstances.

    Specific support of the body through supplements or diet changes would be the sort of advice I seek. I've already tried Taurine, Inositol, Magnesium, B6 active form (P5P), zinc, fish oils, etc. Also any explanation for high cholesterol readings and liver issues too (I don't drink alcohol).

    If anyone can recommend a well qualified good naturopathic doctor in south east uk, this would also be welcomed.

    I've reached the lowest ebb in my life thus far, and a have lost more through this illness than I care to think about. Any pointer is going to help in some way!

    Many thanks for your thoughts and suggestions in advance.

    Matthew B x
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  2. silverseas2014



    Have you read any of the posted documents: see @Calendonia's links to excellent documents; also check out posts/thoughts by @Freddd, @ahmo ....

    A long shot, but worth exploring because of beard/wound healing issues:

    Please go to the thread (at PhoenixRising) entitled:

    Partial Biotinitase Deficiency, 23andme Test, BTD GENE POLL? Discussion in 'Genetic Testing and SNPs' started by Radio, Jan 9, 2014.

    Partial Biotinidase Deficiency is rare, but check it out.

    To get to your 23andme raw data: Log into your 23andme account, go to your profile, and under the selections you will see "Raw Data"----click, and then search for BTD. Compare your snps with the ones that @Valentijin has compiled in the charts on the thread.

    I believe help is here.

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  3. Eve18


    Did you check Alpha melanocyte stimulating hormone (MSH)?
    Low MSH can mess up with all hormones.
    Biotoxins (from mold exposure or Lyme) cause unexplained weight gain, anxiety, depression, hormonal problems, fatigue. Just sth. to consider.
  4. Tanna78


    Interesting - just prior to first issues with anxiety, I was renovating s basement with mold issues. I'll be sure to check things out. More suggestions welcome..
  5. Sea

    Sea Senior Member

    NSW Australia
    Have you had sinus allergy or infection investigated? Have you had a gastroscopy? The blood stained sputum is definitely worth following up and likely comes either from your sinus or your stomach. If it happens a couple of times it could be brushed off but as an ongoing symptom it needs investigating.
  6. Eve18


  7. Violeta

    Violeta Senior Member


    Mold issues can be helped with biotin plus lysine.
  8. Tanna78


    I have been checked for nasal issues at the local hospital and they didn't find anything. I've not had any gastro investigation but I've had IBS type issues for some time,

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