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MTHFR - appreciate any help please

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by Kernel, Jul 17, 2013.

  1. Kernel


    Hi all

    Hope someone can help please - I posted here once before and the comments were very helpful indeed and I'm very grateful. I have had some issues with adrenals, fatigue, erratic blood sugar and poor digestion, but my reason for posting was blood test with very high folate levels and yet apparently normal b12 which seemed odd. Upon recommendation here I got some further tests...

    'Active' B12 - is apparently perfectly ok (although I did take some methylb12 1000mcg for a few weeks, then stopped for several weeks prior to the test so wonder if test was compromised depending on half-life) and my homocysteine was fine (6). However the following came up:

    MTHFR test - I am heterozygous for A12898C, no other mutations.
    Genova MAP test - indicated I am low in most B vitamins and have high Beta-Hydroxybutyric Acid in urine for some reason.

    Thyroid - fine
    Plasma test - low in magnesium (despite supplementation of magnesium citrate/malate for years), low in zinc (despite supplementation for 12 months) and low in manganese. Everything else ok apart from slightly low iron (which was fine in last test).
    Histamine - high
    Pyroluria - negative
    Serum folate - normal (highish but had come down since I started taking methylB12 and stopped taking Wellman multi)

    So it was suggested I do have a methylation issue, mainly due to historic adrenal stress which takes a considerable while to recover and B-vitamins will help this. The suggestion is that my adrenals are still a bit weak, which causes the zinc/magnesium loss and impaired digestion. Makes sense to me but I don't think anyone I know can tell me much about MTHFR. My query is that if I am HETEROZYGOUS A12898C, am I supposed to take 'folic acid' to help this or not? Should I take methylfolate (last time I took this it gave me insomnia off a small dose) or do I not need any supplemental folate of any kind and just get it from diet. I see a lot of stuff about methylfolate for those with the other mutation but not sure what the strategy is for mine so would appreciate any advice.

    Thanks very much indeed for any help!

  2. caledonia


    Cincinnati, OH, USA
    Don't take "folic acid" either in a vitamin or via food where it's added. So that means avoiding processed foods, cereals, flours, etc. where it's added (it should be on the label), and basically making meals from scratch. You may or may not be able to get the folate you need from diet (leafy greens), depending on your SNPs and gut status.

    Very high folate could indicate "folic acid" floating around in the blood, but it may not be in the cells where it is needed.

    Did you have just an MTHFR test, or have you done 23andme so you can look at other mutations. There can be many other mutations in the methylation cycle that will cause symptoms if they're expressed. Getting revved up from a methyl supplement could be a sign of the CBS mutation. Once you treat CBS, you can tolerate methyl supps.

    There is TSH and then there is a complete thyroid panel. TSH alone is notorious for missing thyroid problems. Which did you get? Where there is an adrenal problem, there is often a thyroid problem and vice versa.

    For your gut you should get the Metametrix GI Effects stool test. Just taking methyl supps alone probably won't fix the gut.
  3. Crux

    Crux Senior Member

    Hi Kernel;

    I agree with Caledonia,( and most people here), it's really important to avoid folic acid. It's not easy, because many foods are fortified with it. ( check all labels).

    I'm also a hetero MTHFR 1298, and I've been having difficulty lowering my elevated folate. ( I stopped folic acid over 1 1/2 yrs. ago, started methylfolate, but still had side effects. I'm avoiding folate supps. atm)

    It's good news that stopping the folic acid supp. and taking B12 have lowered your serum folate. ( It can cause problems.)
    It's quite possible to get enough folate in the diet. ( my opinion) I would guess that if you do want to try methylfolate, or folinic acid in the future, try very low amounts, and observe. Since you have access to tests, it would be helpful to have folates measured again in the future.

    I feel that B6 or P5P ( whichever suits you), may help with digestion, and histamine metabolism. I've read that , B6, vitamin C, and copper are necessary for it. ( I find B6/P5P to be stimulating, so I take it in the morning, but if it makes you sleepy, maybe evening is better.)

    I looked up elevated urine beta-hydroxybutyric acid, and it may coincide with blood sugar problems. Here's a wiki article that includes info about urine testing.
  4. Kernel


    Thanks very much indeed for this - very interesting. I'm UK based so I haven't done 23andme, just an MTHFR test which I think they had to send away to Holland or Germany to get results for both strains. The Genova MAP test was the closest I got to a deeper test of my metabolism and Krebs cycle etc and then various other blood tests on vitamins etc. The range of tests I've had have cost a lot of money now so I'm running out of funds! The UK doesn't offer a lot of this stuff I don't think although I'll check again.

    The thyroid test was an NHS test and they checked 2 values, which both seemed in the middle of the range so I was told were fine. For gut stuff I take probiotics and zinc carnosine, plus some l-glutamine.

    Thanks again
  5. Kernel


    Thanks too Crux! Your reply came in just as I was replying to Caledonia.

    B6/P5P in the Biocare B-Plex seems to be fine. P5P on its own made me really tired in the day and then sleepless at night!

    Really appreciate the help from you guys
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  6. Al Klein

    Al Klein Senior Member

    Kernel I am in UK and just has 23andme test done (awaiting results) - I had to go to a Homebase to return the test kit via DHL but other than that all went smoothly :)
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