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Low and Slow Update-Metal Dumping?

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by therron, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. therron


    Hi All,
    I am encouraged with significant improvements on a low and slow version of the methylation protocol. It took six months to reach "saturation", but once I did, my improvements all happened virtually overnight. The areas of greatest improvement are as follows: perceived stress is gone, brain fog 50% better, fatigue 50 % better, neuropathy (leg pain) gone, insomnia 50% better, ability to multitask 50% better, socialization 50% better.
    The areas that have not yet improved significantly: muscle spasms and muscle weakness (ANY IDEAS?), intermittent brain inflammation, ability to self motivate physical exercise (I have been active and thin all of my life), and bloating/abdminal discomfort/yeast. I asked my doctor for a parasite test which will look for blastocystis hominis, in addition to other bad bugs. He think bh is a good likelihood. I know that I am dealing with a biofilm because my bloating issues always return if I start eating carbs, sugars, etc. or if I discontinue olive leaf or oil of oregano.
    BIG CONCERN: I woke the other night with a brain tremor, then numb tongue, then profuse sweating. Tongue continued to tingle for several days. I am concerned that this may have been some type of seizure..........or could I be detoxing metal from my brain. I am not doing any type of chelation since it seems so confusing, and I'm really not trying to move metals at this point. Could any of the below supplements have lead to this tremor? Have any of you experienced this? Although all of our experiences are different, I feel that you have a truckload of knowledge that I can use to inform my own decision making process. Happy holidays!


    Current Critical Supplements (I started with crumbs of each one 7 months ago, then worked up to these amounts).

    Mb12 1,000 mcg in am 500 mcg in pm
    Douglas B complex 1 capsule in am
    methylfolate 400 mcg in am (there is another 400 in B complex) 800 mcg in pm
    TMG 500 mg in am and 500 in pm
    p5p 15 mg in am 30 in pm
    I also take dibencozide, zinc, biotin, D3, omega 3 fish oil, ubiquenol, milk thistle, magnesium oil, betaine HCL, oregano oil, olive leaf
    My breakthrough came at 6 months after doubling my methylfolate, p5p, and TMG.
  2. determined

    determined Senior Member

    USA: Deep South
    I'm sorry you haven't had any answers yet, therron. I don't have any for you, but I hope that someone can help you soon!!
  3. richvank

    richvank Senior Member

    Hi, therron.

    I'm glad to hear that you have experienced some improvements on the methylation protocol you have described.

    I haven't heard of the "brain tremor" you described from others on methylation protocols, and don't know what would have caused it. I suppose that moving metals is a possibility, since improving methylation will improve the function of the detoxication system and will start mobilizing stored toxins. Another thing I wonder about is whether Lyme disease is a possibility in your case, since it is known to cause neurological effects. The supplements you are taking look like good ones to me.

    If you can do some lab testing, it might help to figure out what's going on. The Health Diagnostics methylation pathways panel, combined with one of the metabolic profiles, such as the the NutrEval or the ION profiles, would probably shed some light on the issues. Given your gut-related issues, a good comprehensive stool test would probably help, too. I like the Diagnos-Techs Expanded G.I. Panel, but there are other ones that are helpful, also.

    Best regards,


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