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Less I eat...Better I Sleep

Discussion in 'Sleep' started by Zensational, Jun 30, 2013.

  1. Zensational

    Zensational Senior Member

    Orlando, Florida
    I have tried detox liver cleansing a number of times during my many years of this illness. Usually by fasting, juicing or eating really light like a salad and miso broth and then a coffee enema. The coffee enema detoxes the liver.
    I have noticed a pattern with this. I generally sleep much better and feel better the next day after detoxing. I know the gut has a "second brain" and when it is toxic it doesn't produce enough serotonin.

    Also, in Chinese medicine, each organ reflects an emotion.
    Knowing which organ is potentially weak can help you pinpoint the organs that need support. Support can be in the form of many including specific foods, supplements, herbs, or even acupuncture. http://suehardman.com/wake-up-at-same-time-every-night/

    Waking times Organ affected
    1am-3am Liver
    3am-5am Lungs
    5am-7am Large Intestine
    7am-9am Stomach
    9am-11am Spleen-pancreas
    11am-1pm Heart Mind
    1pm-3pm Small Intestine
    3pm-5pm Bladder
    5pm-7pm Kidney
    7pm-9pm Heart Governor
    9pm-11pm Triple Heater
    11pm-1am Gall Bladder

    Emotion associated with each Element
    • Earth – Empathy, sympathy, balanced giving and receiving
    • Metal – Grief and loss
    • Water – Fear and anxiety
    • Wood – Anger, frustration and resentment
    • Fire – Love, hate and joy

    Since we know that all illness has an emotional component, I believe that in addition to working for a cure in the physical, it is prudent and helpful to clear any emotional issues we may be holding on to maybe without even realizing it. Trying to heal the physical without healing the emotional is just a bandaid effect. I believe our bodies are always trying to heal us by showing us what we need to pay attention to.

    It's an interesting journey how I have chosen to learn, but I believe this illness has been a great teacher for me, even though I have not particularly enjoyed the process, it has been a journey of spirutual transformation. I am literally not the same person I was at the outset. I was very driven in my career and afraid of being in a relationship. All that has changed over the 30 years of my illness. I guess I am a slow learner, but hey, whatever it takes.

    I am sure others have similar stories. I would love to hear them.

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