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Kreb's Cycle Intermediates/Support-Can you help?

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by Holisticgal, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. Holisticgal


    If there is already a thread, forgive me. I searched and searched but engine said it was 'too broad.' I currently use muscle testing (MT) to help mitigate the longstanding fatigue and CFS illness due to heavy metal toxicity. I have been slowwwwwly titrating with Rich's protocol for over six months and am currently stuck at how to supplement the Kreb's cycle. MT shows that I am low in threonine, and also AKG (arginine), and I read Rich say that the low threoine is common and he had seen it often .

    1. If you have used either of these as isolated aminos, can you share your experiences and purchasing source, what to know, etc. etc? I dose myself according to testing, so I am okay there. If anyone that has had labs come back with certain aminos low etc, and have supplemented this, did you just use the individual ones and take as necessary? I am interested in supplements, not the food (I use a mixed vegan hemp, rice, pea, cranberry powder at times, and am eating low protein to help currently). Anything you have to offer, thanks.

    2. I read a great article that said sodium and potassium phosphates could help. " The alkaline salts of phosphor act as buffers to improve athletic performance in several ways..... .... phosphate supplements .... Lastly, phosphate supplements help in the phosphorylation of creatine to creatine phosphate to reform ATP and increase energy. Numerous studies spanning decades have demonstrated the benefits of phosphate blood buffer supplements on improving athletic performance. ...'

    This is not phosphorus, which I use. It is different. Does anyone know how to obtain these phosphates in supplements, or know anything about them? They test well and could be helpful, but I do not know about them and cannot find them. I have not been able to allay the extreme fatigue yet, despite having incorporated Fredd's (welcome back buddy, you were missed!!) and late Rich's programs. I have also incorporated all cofactors from Amy book online, chapter 8, but am still struggling.
    3. Please suggest an entire list of any and all supplements you can think of related to the Kreb's/Citric Acid cycle or to allay fatigue that I may not have tested or tried yet and I can just muscle test the list. (This is not a thyroid adrenal type thing. Those are separate.) Thank you in advance, I know you guys can help!! This is my first question post!:balloons:
    Does anyone else do muscle testing that would like to collaborate in the future? Thank you so much!

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