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KPU Minerals and Copper Dumping?

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by taroki, Feb 27, 2014.

  1. taroki

    taroki Senior Member

    Ontario, Canada
    I started taking KPU minerals again recently, and I wonder if I was getting copper dumping yesterday?

    Yesterday I took another two tablets of Core KPU minerals and noticed :

    PROS : brain more sharper, no more hair falling out, lots of vaginal discharge .....
    CONS : feeling more irritable, agitated, angry, rude, unempathetic, hair quite static, disturbed sleep, kept waking up and later woke up with heart palpitations

    I am wondering what is happening exactly? Copper leaving brain and dumped into liver? Copper leaving tissues and getting stuck in liver? I know anger is in the liver, and maybe because I didn't take methylation supplements yesterday, it got trapped there?

    Should I now supplement with molybdenum to remove my sulphur allergy, then try taking DMSA again to remove more mercury before taking more KPU minerals?

    I also have lots of liver/gallstones which could be contributing to the detox issues (need to address hemorrhoids and stomach inflammation first before attempting liver flush again)

    I am a 36 year old female with Lyme disease, high mercury, high copper, pesticides, few parasites left, MTHFR, etc.

    Also another strange thing is if I take ALA, I seem to put more mercury/copper or something into the brain (more obsessed, more clumsy, face easily sunburn, lips cracked and easily burned by spice, etc)
  2. South

    South Senior Member

    Southeastern United States
    Although I don't know what KPU stood for (just looked it up), the ingredients in BioPure "The Core" mineral supplements are often written up as helping to get rid of copper. Biounavailable copper specifically. Is the BioPure product the one you are taking?

    For example, the manganese and zinc in that product are discussed a lot on the web as maybe helping people to dump excess copper. But you knew that!

    I've been tiptoeing around the idea of biounavailable copper for several months, reading and trying just a few ingredients at a time to see what they do for me. No news yet to report, but I wanted to reply to you because so few people talk about biounavailable copper in Phoenix Rising, I'm hoping you'll keep us updated!

    The tales I've read about people experiencing copper dumping often list various symptoms, but those symptoms can be from completely different things too (like yeast overgrowth flaring up, or liver stress occuring, or something). So I do worry that it may be hard to be sure someone is really dumping copper.

    As for the clumsy, face sunburns, lips crack, etc that you listed from taking ALA, all of those symptoms can be from yeast flareup, and many people seem to report yeast (candida) flareups when taking ALA. Yet some people with known longterm yeast problems say they can take ALA with no flareups in yeast at all.

    Andy Cutler, who wrote a long book about chelation, wrote that ALA can make the body store more copper-- But then in forums over recent years he changed his mind, saying that he wrote that in the book but later realized that copper toxic people do improve by taking ALA.

    Keep us posted!
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  3. taroki

    taroki Senior Member

    Ontario, Canada
    Yup, I am using the one by BioPure "The Core". Started with 1 capsule, then 2 capsules and a few days later this happened.

    I guess it must have been a copper dump, because those symptoms above were almost gone after a few days and my anxiety seems to be better now I think. High copper contributes to anxiety correct?

    I did do a castor oil pack over my liver a few days later, and that night I had dreams of "fear". So maybe my liver was dumping stuff into the kidneys? I googled it up and I think it was the kidneys that relate to the emotion "fear".

    Thanks for the suggestion on yeast flare up. I never knew that yeast could cause all those strange sunburn symptoms?

    Also I notice when I took DMSA last year or recently with KPU minerals during that "copper dump", my urine smelled strong. Is it mercury that is coming out? Copper? Sulphur? Ammonia?

    Maybe I'll try molybdenum and manganese for now ... I've also got a portable infrared sauna on the way. And hopefully an infrared light machine for Lyme.

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