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Keeping hands away from face

Discussion in 'Lifestyle Management' started by Patrick*, May 20, 2013.

  1. Patrick*

    Patrick* Formerly PWCalvin

    By now, two of my doctors have warned me about how important it is for immunocompromised people to keep their hands away from their mouth, nose and eyes. It sounds easy in theory, but I am finding this to be extremely difficult in practice. I wasn't even aware of how often I do it until I started paying attention, but it's almost always too late when I realize I'm doing it.

    Has anybody come up with a strategy to train yourself out of this bad habit? Would like to hear what has worked for others.
  2. Gypsy

    Gypsy Senior Member

    I know a "trick" I've heard of others doing. You keep a rubber band on your wrist. Everytime you catch yourself doing one of these habits, you snap the rubber band. I don't know if it works or not!
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  3. Undisclosed


    It's just a case of washing your hands a lot. It's also good to be cognizant that money, door handles, shopping carts etc have huge amounts of germs of them. When I am out and about, I use the little bottle of germ killing hand sanitizer that I keep in my car. I also often put my sleeves over my hands when opening doors (especially public toilets) when I can. I also do not bite my nails. Mostly, I guess I just keep my hands clean.

    But after I do all this somebody always ends up sneezing on me and gives me a nice dose of air-borne virus.
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  4. snowathlete


    it is not easy. I try...and fail most days. I also do bite my nails, since i was young, and am trying to stop! so hard.
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  5. Sushi

    Sushi Moderation Resource Albuquerque


    I think it is just a matter of repeatedly reminding yourself and every time you "catch yourself" making a mental note to keep track of what your hands are doing. Working in a hospital was good training as this was drummed into us and we learned to "viualize" germs on any surface that anyone touched. And, to use hand sanitizer or soap and hot water after every contact with anything!

    Like Kina, I pull my sleeves over my hands if I have to touch a doorknob, and even have learned how useful elbows can be--elevator buttons etc. And I carry hand sanitizer and use it often after being in a public place.

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  6. L'engle

    L'engle moogle

    I wash my hands alot after having been in public places. Since I'm only out for short periods of time it's easy to manage. My problem is at night when I'm partially asleep, my face will itch or something so I don't even think about not touching my face. If you have itchy eyes/face I guess you could designate one digit to be kept for that and keep it away from door handles when you're out.
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  7. Misfit Toy

    Misfit Toy Senior Member

    I never think about it. I wash my hands "a lot." I don't believe in hand sanitizer..not saying it doesn't work, but it's been all over the news, on TV shows about how it can actually hurt you. I have never become sick from a door handle or anything like that. It's usually being around someone who is sick. I will get very sick. I almost think it's good sometimes to expose yourself to life and germs because you can fight things better that way instead of worrying all of the time. Avoid when you can, but don't go nuts. Enjoy your life.

    My niece's husband and I were just talking about this an hour ago. He was saying this guy at work uses hand sanitizer all of the time and yet he is always sick and taking off more than the rest of the employees. Interesting...

    One of the biggest things I am super concerned about is my purse. A nurse drilled it into my head to never put your purse on the ground and wash the bottom of it every night. That has stuck in my head. I am a super clean person and my place is immaculate so I am like that with almost everything unless I am so sick I can't move.
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