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Interesting Methylation Patent recently filed

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by Beefsterq, Jan 19, 2013.

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  2. liquid sky

    liquid sky Senior Member

    Interesting, I didn't think you could patent supplements. It does mention that it would be an all in one product. That would be great not to have 15 different bottles of supps sitting on my counter. I do wonder how it could be tailored for everyone considering how we all have different mutations?
  3. beaverfury

    beaverfury beaverfury

    West Australia

    Reversing autonomic nervous system dysfunction by potentiating methylation

    1. A method for reversing stress-induced dysfunctions of a human autonomic nervous system in accordance with Methylation Priority Principle comprising:

    a first compound chosen from a group of compounds consisting of folic acid, folates, folinic acid, folinates, dihydrofolate, methyltetrahydrofolate and their mixtures and combinations; and

    a second compound chosen from a group of compounds consisting of hydroxocobalamin, aquacobalamin, glutathionylcobalamin, adenosylcobalamin and their mixtures and combinations;

    The ability to methylate via the methionine cycle is available in every cell . Methylation processes can be ranked according to the body's immediate needs for survival—alert for stress, rid the body of stressor(s), reverse the alert response when the stress is cleared, maintenance of bodily functions, repair and healing, and last, energy storage. When the resources for methylation are limited, those functions that are not immediately necessary for survival or stress reversal will be reduced or suspended.

    The consequences of this principle account for the evolution of regional and generalized autonomic dysfunction. Acute and chronic medical conditions and symptoms then develop, resulting from inability to effectively regulate autonomic functions, failure to repair and heal, grow and store energy. In other words, less important methylations can and will be deferred until stress is resolved.

    Ideally, the body's response to stress should be immediate, brief (but in no instance longer than necessary) and with the appropriate magnitude. Likewise, termination of the stress response should occur at the right time and with the appropriate magnitude. The end result of these interactions should be a return to the previous state of health. By definition, optimal health is that ideal state of ANS responsiveness to regulate stress responses.

    Less than ideal immediate stress responses result in adaptive changes and metabolic consequences. These may include lipid peroxidatio, increased oxidised glutathione and the production of nitric oxide via the inducible nitric oxide synthase pathway. Sustained stress results in excess production of stress metabolites and depletion of necessary protective molecules.

    Methylation (Table 1) is required in the body's generalized response to stress and its termination of the response. For example, heightened and sustained stress alerting requires adrenal responses to produce additional adrenalin and excess SNS activity. Adrenalin is activated by methylation. In turn, adrenalin must be inactivated by methylation. Increased PSNS activity to counterbalance SNS activity requires additional production of acetylcholine (Ach), which requires methylation for its production.

    TABLE 1

    Methylation Priority Principle—MPP.

    Alert for Stress Activate ADRENALIN, increase
    sympathetic activity
    Reverse the Alert for Stress Inactivate ADRENALIN. Increase
    parasympathetic activity; make
    choline for ACETYLCHOLINE
    Remove the Stress or the response
    to Stress
    Allergy - Histamine release Inactivate HISTAMINE
    Metals—mercury, arsenic, tin, Metabolize for excretion
    selenium & others
    Toxins Metabolize for excretion
    Niacin Inactivate
    Estrogen Metabolize
    Maintenance of bodily functions Inactivate DOPAMINE,
    (examples): NOREPINEPHRINE and
    Blood pressure, pulse SEROTONIN,
    Breathing depending on needs of
    Bowel habits autonomic function
    Urine habits Activate MELATONIN; inactivate
    Mood, memory, concentration, NOREPINEPHRINE more and
    balance, movement SEROTONIN less.
    Repair and Heal CREATE RNA for protein
    synthesis. Proteins for
    remodeling (skin, bone, gut
    enzymes for bodily functions
    Energy Storage Form CREATINE

    The following symptoms are features of ANS dysfunction in its earliest stages of evolution: (1) localised or regional dysfunction—pain, temperature or vascular dysregulation; organ dysmotility, such as gastrointestinal and genitourinary; cardiovascular dysfunction—blood pressure alterations and pulse irregularities; neuro-motor, sensory, cognitive or psychosocial dysfunctions; hematologic, immunologic, dermatologic or secretory dysfunctions; (2) generalized dysfunction—multiple, regional dysfunctions occurring simultaneously, in stages, sequences or complex patterns.

    Examples of regional dysfunction include so-called vasomotor rhinitis, palpitations, tics, constipation or urinary urgency. Generalized dysfunctions may include such end-stage autonomic dysfunction as syncope, and postural tachycardia. Well-recognized medical conditions often have autonomic neuropathy as a manifestation, such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson syndrome.

    Prolonged decompensated stress—intermittent or continuous—is frequently unrecognized. Those individuals with undetected stress may suddenly experience a serious morbidity, a life-threatening or life-ending event. They have undisclosed ANS dysfunction, just as those who present with ongoing symptoms.

    The consequence of prolonged stress is failed or inadequate methylation, resulting in ANS dysfunction, and ultimately failure to repair, heal and store energy. Failure to repair and heal results in failed protein synthesis, furthering bodily malfunction, such as enzyme synthesis for complete digestion. Incomplete digestion results in reduced availability of essential amino acids, essential fats and carbohydrates, thereby exacerbating ANS decline.
  4. beaverfury

    beaverfury beaverfury

    West Australia
    'Status of ANS activities can be directly measured. One computerized diagnostic technique was developed by “The Ansar Group, Inc.”, of 240 South 8th Street, Philadelphia, Pa. The ANSAR® technique simultaneously assesses PSNS and SNS functions by digitally monitoring and recording respiratory and heart rates during rest and challenges specially designed to affect SNS and PSNS branches in contrasting ways. By performing real time digital bi-spectral analysis of recorded signals the ANSAR® program can directly measure spectral powers in different frequency domains of heart rate signals and use it for quantitative evaluation of activities of the SNS and PSNS branches of ANS.

    In contrast to the prior art (for example U.S. Patent Application Pub. No. 20050171034 entitled “COMPOSITIONS AND METHODS FOR THE REGULATION OF HOMOCYSTEINE LEVELS WITHIN THE BODY”, by Halevie-Goldman), the current invention includes optimizations of the efficiency of the recycling loop to infinitely generate S-Adenosylmethionine (SAMe), to satisfy the more than 50 Methylation pathways and to provide for the generation of Polyamines, which promote nerve healing.

    The current invention incorporates several embodiments pertinent to treatments of patients having normal or low Homocysteine levels. Therefore, according to teachings of the aforementioned Patent Application Pub. No. 20050171034 centered on treatment of elevated Homocysteine levels, no relevant treatment would be indicated. This may be misguided or negligent, as many patients with insufficient methylation may already begin with low Homocysteine. In addition, the Patent Application Pub. No. 20050171034 teaches treatment of high Homocysteine level, but does not address cases pertinent to patients having normal or suppressed Homocysteine, while B12 and folate levels may be already elevated.

    Furthermore, the Patent Application Pub. No. 20050171034 teaches that the recited treatment will treat other medical conditions, but offers no way to determine who needs what doses and when to initiate treatment, does not address stress marker cleanup, suggest or imply needs to provide scavengers of stress metabolic products. Instead, the Patent Application Pub. No. 20050171034 introduces other supplements and herbs to compensate for his overmethylated state, in Bipolar and Schizo-affective disorder treated with success using the methods and active ingredients of the current invention.'

    :nerd::nerd::nerd: Triple nerd warning. The Beaver just cut and pasted this stuff from above link, and doesnt av a clue about scientific validity of aforementioned trickybox devices... or anything scientific really!
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  5. dannybex

    dannybex Senior Member

    I think anyone can file a patent on a specific (and/or unique) combination of nutrients -- or maybe it involves the use of that supplement. Someone can explain it better, but for example Merck owns the patent (I believe) on methylfolate, and then licenses it's use to other supplement companies.

    I'm not sure, but perhaps this document shows that he won the patent rights? I'm guessing on that, as it seems like this was filed 4-5 years ago, according to comments made by Rich from 2010:

    I'm no scientist at all, but tend to agree with RIch regarding Vinitsky's use of folic acid, instead of 'real' folate...

  6. stfluffybrain


    i need to supplement folate but this is all too complicated :( what to do?
    My B12 drops too, thought I was also okay with methylcobalamin by solgar but this patent says that it doesn't scavenge? I am really confused.

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