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Important Cautionary Note on Tinnitus & Ultrasonic Dental Cleaning

Discussion in 'Lifestyle Management' started by Wayne, Feb 22, 2018.

  1. Wayne

    Wayne Senior Member

    Ashland, Oregon
    Since so many of us have such extreme sensitivities, I thought I'd copy and paste an email I just sent out to a number of friends and relatives. I think the message is especially important for pwME/CFS. Some of you may have had ultrasonic cleaning done in the past and done fine with it, but if my calculations are correct, you and your ears were younger (and more resilient) then. ;)
    ""I began to experience serious tinnitus about three weeks ago after taking a single dose of an anti-nausea medication at a local ER (My Story HERE). I've been on a crash course of learning as much as I can about this condition since then, and what I might do to overcome it. I'm cautiously optimistic at this time that it will improve over time.

    I came across THIS EXCELLENT POST on a forum called TinnitusTalk which elaborates in detail on many aspects about tinnitus--and why I have reason to be hopeful. It covers a lot of ground, but I ran across this short tip (below) that could very well be worth it for everybody to consider. It's a simple one, yet heeding it may help you from repeating a not uncommon, yet totally avoidable tragic experience.""

    9. Many people on this forum got their Tinnitus as a result of ultrasonic dental cleaning. There is no reason to take this risk. Insist that your dental hygenist cleans your teeth manually. I never heard of a hygenist declining such a request. Manual cleaning is as good as ultrasonic cleaning, and it doesn't cost more.​
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