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How would over methylation cause fatigue? Hypotheses?

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by xena, Jul 30, 2016.

  1. xena

    xena Senior Member

    Tldr: trying to figure out why over methylation would make me really tired/ compromise energy production. Niacin helps but can only take tiny amounts bc it induces major potassium deficiency symptoms. Ideas?
    Hi everyone - I was experiencing a huge increase in function (no PEM) after starting mold avoidance. Then my cognitive function resurged and I could tolerate binders after adding TMG to the methyl b12 and mthf combo I'd been on for a year. I felt incredible for about 2 days then my energy slowly went to the toilet again. (I still don't have normal PEM tho from normal exertion)

    Recently I heard this might be due to over methylation from the tmg (took it for a few weeks)and super high doses of mthf (15 mg daily )which I was on for a long time. I had a huge and temporary improvement globally from starting niacin. I really felt like I was in a wonder drug, I felt so focused and energetic.

    I can't take the niacin more than 100 mg once in 3 or so days because it seems to cauese major hypokalemia and bp hoping this is just from cell growth. I can sense my cognitive function is increasing (better focus) but I'm also more anxious/ paranoid. I've been dosing as much niacin as I can handle for almost 3 weeks.

    Adding b2 seems to potentiate the effects in terms of energy production and cognitive function. Ironically I only get over methylation symptoms (like anxiety) when taking niacin. Otherwise it seems my cells don't produce enough energy to get to that threshold. Or the excess methyl groups are sequestered and only come out to play when there is enough niacin in my system. My doc says I've been shunting excess down the sulfation pathway and actually have low homocysteine

    Any hypotheses on what's happening?

    Does over methylation affect glutathione stores some way? I saw @Crux mention on another thread that over methylation reduces them and am curious about the mechanism

    @Lotus97 @Hip @caledonia , others?
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  2. Vanessa_M


    British Columbia
    Have you had you methylation status properly checked to confirm whether or not you are over /undermethylated? I don't know why overmethylation causes fatigue - but if you seem to respond well to Niacin then probably a good chance you are overmethylated. Here's a link to some info on overmethylation; and also: The testing they recommend looks at the byproducts of the methylations cycle to determine status, rather than genetics SNP's, which seems to get immensely confusing for people.
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