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How To Know Differences In Specific SNPs for one type of gene?

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by rocky, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. rocky


    Hello friends.

    I have looked at my 23andme test and found I have a mutation on CBS A360A (++, uh oh), however, on the other two CBS genes, I am -/-.

    I have read the heartfixer guy's website, but he just calls CBS gene overall, but doesn't talk about specific SNP's. How do you know which one means something, or is it even if you have +/+, you are still in trouble, or you need all 3, or how does that work?

    I'm pretty sure I have a problem with it anyway.. about a year ago when I was at my worst and knew nothing about all this methylation stuff, I pinpointed non organic produce was a problem for me because it literally made my arm go numb and I got weird eye twtiches from eating it. I then researched a ton into it and found out it was because I was sensitive to the sulfites/sulfates in the chemicals they spray on the produce, but now this explains the reason why, I had no idea before.

    Anyway, besides CBS, what about the other genes like MTHFR, do you only need one or two to have a problem, or you need all them to have a problem?

    Okay thanks guys, looking forward to contributing and learning more from this forum.
  2. Steve-22


    Hi there!

    Don't know much about the variations of CBS gene.There are snps that in a combination causes lots of troubles.
    For example,myself have the CBS A360A +/- and that's it from the CBS mutations,but I also have a MTHFR 1298C +/- which alone can cause skizophrenia and ammonia problems,but also have +/- to all NOS mutations.

    You don't need to have all mutations of the CBS to have lots of problems.In my opinion having "a little bit of everything" is much worse then being compound homozygous for MTHFR.
    It's just you will need hundreds of supplements,more caution,more time,more money etc.

    The mutations I've mentioned are part of the Three-Legged Stool as Amy Yasko calls it.It depletes the BH4 levels which causes oxidative damage.

    "Low levels of BH4 have been associated with hypertension and arteriosclerosis, as well as with more severe parasitic infections. " Yep,here I am as an example of having adrenal fatigue with chronic hypertension.

    CBS is a priority mutation,meaning you will need to take care of CBS first before treating MTHFR otherwise unpleasent side effects will occure.With CBS you need to limit meat and sulphur.Watch out for every food,medication,supplement,cream,shower gel.It gets into you skin.

    The treatment of CBS looks like this:
    -diet with low protein,limiting everything that has eyes,staying away from veggies containing lots of sulphur like broccoli
    -eggs are very high in sulphur!
    -watch out for the sulphur,sulfite,sulfate (especially hydrating creams with magnesium sulfate!)
    -taking yucca root
    -taking ammonia free molybdenum picolinate
    -using charcoal flush to get the dangerous ammonia out of your body (yucca and moly bind to it,activated charcoal takes out everything you eat before and after 2 hours of taking it,careful to not eat,take medication while doing it)

    Use the low thiol diet:

    There has to be more but this is a good start.CBS mutations to me are still not that clear because I have only saw 1-2 people doing the above protocoll.They say you need to follow the low thiol low/moderate sulphur diet for 3-5 months while clearing out the ammonia with the supplements and when you are done,you can slowly reintroduce the foods containing lots of sulphur that includes everything from chocolate to eggs to most veggies in MODERATION.
    Taking yucca root and ammonia free molybdenum daily are probably for life though,because you can't fix mutations,only treat them (yet).
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  3. rocky


    thank you so much steve for your information. i will def. use your suggestions and try the things you have mentioend here as i've read the same information, but more scattered. i looked up the prices as well and they are very reasonably priced so it is worth a try.

    all this dna stuff is very intersting stuff... too bad it is still in its infancy. anyway, cheers man. much appreciate the info.
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