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Hidden dental infection

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS Discussion' started by fireflymd, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. fireflymd

    fireflymd Senior Member

    I traced the beginnings of my CFS to be temporally related to my first root canal. When I finally had this root canal tooth extracted, the roots were blackened/necrotic.

    A week later, I felt cured—I felt completely normal again; that my CFS had completely resolved.

    When I returned 3 months later to start the implant process, the bone this rotted tooth had been sitting in had collapsed quite a bit.

    Shortly afterward, I had radiation therapy for a very tiny breast cancer, and 3 weeks later was completely debilitated. I have not recovered since.

    If the maxillary bone that housed the rotted root canal tooth is still infected, how would I know?

    The rotted roots never showed up on any digital panoramic x-ray or CT scan.
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  2. Rlman

    Rlman Senior Member

    Toronto, Canada
    have you seen the threads on this forum about cavitations? they should be helpful. @Ian is the expert on this. He shared his recovery story.
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  3. Ian

    Ian Senior Member

    When you have dead teeth, the infection spreads into the adjacent bone. It's really important when the tooth is removed, the the site is also surgically cleaned out. And the bone is cut down until healthy bone is reached and bleeding is induced into the socket. Simply opening the site and pulling the tooth will kill the anaerobic bacteria, and you will get short term relief. But without surgically cleaning out the bone, there is a very high chance that as soon as the gum heals over the site, the the supply of oxygen is cut off that the anaerobic bacteria will start growing again.
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  4. Pink

    Pink Senior Member

    Tri state area
    Can you link the threads on cavitations? Many of my symptoms really flared around the time of my wisdom teeth removal.
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  5. andy_smurt


    xrays and CT scans have shortcomings.

    Any update on your condition? I am curious. Was an implant placed?

    Is there evidence of continued necrosis at that site, in the bone? Your writing made it sound as though there is. Yes some loss of volume will occur at extraction, but you're saying more bone lost there in comparison to other extractions you've had? Why you're told not to suck on straw after extraction is that the blood clot could be removed, if removed, less bone structure will be there than if it had stayed.

    I recall when my dentist uncovered rotting under an extraction, he scraped it all out with metal tools, applied topical stuff (antibiotics?), then took photos.

    Prior to radiation therapy consider the following: https://academic.oup.com/jn/article/134/11/3207S/4688649 I think there is a point that if your body is depleted/low of stores of things like vitamin E that you're gonna have a worse time.

    In this case report, note they cultured the pathogen(s), and "20 sessions of hyperbaric oxygen therapy were important for the healing of the marrow space.":
    https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3808937/ (just an interesting thought I'd mention along the lines of Ian's writings of anaerobic bacteria)
  6. overtheedge

    overtheedge Senior Member

    are there any blood tests that will be changed by having a dental infection?

    also, i'm curious about the same things as are quoted here:
  7. vision blue

    vision blue Senior Member

    I am also interested in the cavitation thread. My CFS was also started by dental work which included a root canal. I also recovered completely, though it took almost a year. Then when i think it was 5 years later i had more dental work done, that's when it came back and hit full blown- never recovered since. I posted just earlier today on how dental stuff was to blame, and i've probably posted on it in the past as well. I like an idiot still have 2 root canal teeth in my mouth - becasue i have so many i blamed for reactions, would be impossible to do them all. And now i'm too sick to withstand it.

    On the blood tests that might change if infection, I recently had an elevated LDH (lactate dehydrogenase) test. Since that one covers any tissue anywhere in body where there is chronic death, i would think dental infections would turn up there- i think that's the source of mine but i'm not sure (I frequently have dental abcesses). Other blood tests it might need to be system, not sure- like SED rate will measure inflammation from any cause, but if infection very localized an contained, not sure those type markers show up. interesting question. Xrays and cts and mris should show infections in a bone.
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  8. Wayne

    Wayne Senior Member

    Ashland, Oregon

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